Top 5 Finance Internship Resume Objective Examples

Updated August 31, 2022
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One of the main reasons that you must write an objective on a finance internship resume is the fact that it will be given high consideration.

Obtaining internships is not easy, especially if your resume does not open in the right manner.

You need to convince the hiring manager to give you an internship opportunity through mention your skills and abilities in the financial sector.

At this point, do not worry about experience. Your resume objective can be as solid without experience information as with it.

Choice of words matters.

When writing your resume objective, make sure that you talk about your knowledge of performing financial and compliance risk assessment analyses.

Also, mention how well you can perform fiscal monitoring site visits, that is if it is a requirement.

Remember that your resume objective for a finance intern position must be well-rounded.

The right information must go into it, such as the ability to assist in budget preparation, and knowledge of preparing balance sheets.

Here are some examples of objectives for a finance intern resume:

Finance Internship Resume Objectives Examples

1. Seeking a position as a Finance Intern at King Corporation. Offering exceptional skills in assisting in budget preparation and management activities, as well as conducting periodical financial analysis to manage cash controls, and maintain finance books.

2. Passionate finance graduate with extensive knowledge of developing and implementing financial policies eager to work for ABC Company. Poised to leverage knowledge of tracking investments, and maintaining cash reserves. Competent in ensuring that all expenses remain within budget.

3. Finance graduate with a deep comprehension of approving payments, and purchase authorizations. Looking for a finance intern position at Meerkat Investment to apply well-developed proficiencies in reviewing bank arrangements in order to ensure timely transfer of funds. Well-versed in evaluating, developing, and recommending fiscal policies.

4. A Finance Intern position at ABC Investment Management Company. Offering expertise in administration of financial systems, and monitoring expenses and budgets to ensure compliance. Highly competent in approving invoices, issuing receipts, and creating budget projections.

5. To contribute as a Finance Intern at Deal Corporate Investment Bank by employing skills in maintaining accurate records of daily transactions, and preparing balance sheets. Unmatched ability to process invoices, and record accounts payable and receivable. Able to update internal systems using financial data.

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