Internship Career Objective Examples

Updated March 23, 2019

Modern resumes have a profile summary section that has replaced the objective part completely.

But the case is different if the candidate is seeking an internship.


It is advisable to start an internship resume with an objective rather than a summary so that the reader gets a clear idea about your potential.

Before writing an intern objective statement, make sure you know about the prerequisites for the internship you are applying for and focus on relevant details from your profile in your resume objective.

For an internship resume to be effective, it requires a well-written career objective statement. Below are some qualities of a good career objective:

Internship Career Objective Tips

• A career objective for internship resume should be exact. It needs to state the precise position title along with the name of the prospective firm.

• Career objectives are meant to be employer-centered. Instead of communicating what you seek or expect of a position, tell them what you offer.

• Good career objectives are formatted like a summary and utilize strong adjectives and powerful descriptive words to showcase the core strengths of the offering.

• An effective resume is three lines long at the most, and it merely summarizes the candidate’s relevant skills and qualifications.

• Resume objectives that work are customized. They don’t just randomly reflect any skills. They target the skills the candidate has to offer.

Below are some well-written internship career objective examples for your view and guidance.


Internship Career Objective Examples

• Self-motivated, diligent professional seeking a position as a Management Intern. Bringing skills in office management, ability to provide administrative support and expertise in front desk and correspondence handling.

• To obtain a receptionist internship with Grayson Enterprise where proficiency in verbal and written communication, strong organizational skills and ability to handle multi-line telephonic system could prove to be immediately productive for the firm.

• Detail-oriented and customer service centered individual seeking a marketing internship opportunity with IHJ. Expert in conducting market surveys, implementing customer satisfaction enhancement strategies and conducting effective product launch campaigns.

• To secure a management internship at D&B enterprise. Offers solid skills in public dealing, crisis intervention, and financing. Proficient in developing and executing budgeted project timelines.

• Seeking an internship opportunity in sales with Ross and Co. Where my sound knowledge in sales and marketing coupled with practical management skills could contribute to massive profit generation for the firm.

• Highly-focused and dedicated medical graduate, looking for an internship opportunity with IHS Hospital specializing in pediatric medicine. An expert in patient assessment, and treatment plan development, and execution.

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