Top 40 Internship Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: July 3, 2023

An internship resume or CV objective is an important section of a resume that gives the recruiter a clear idea about your skills and passion.

Before writing an internship objective statement, make sure you know about the prerequisites for the internship you are applying for and focus on relevant details from your profile in your resume objective.

How to Write a Great Objective for an Internship Resume?

  1. A career objective for the internship resume should be to the point. It needs to state the precise position title along with the name of the prospective firm.
  2. Instead of communicating what you expect from the employer, focus on what you offer to the employer.
  3. Use strong adjectives and power verbs to showcase your core strengths.
  4. Write 2-3 sentences
  5. Tailor your objective statement as per the requirements of the employer.

Here are 40 well-written internship career objective examples for your view and guidance.

40 Sample Career Objectives for Internship Resume

Management & Business Internship Resume Objectives

1. Self-motivated, diligent professional seeking a position as a Management Intern. Bringing exceptional skills in office management, administrative support, front desk management, and correspondence handling.

2. To secure a management internship at D&B enterprise. Offers solid skills in public dealing, crisis intervention, and financing. Proficient in developing and executing budgeted project timelines.

3. Academically successful business graduate, with a solid academic background. Presently looking for an Intern position at Radial Inc., where I can provide excellence in a performance-driven environment. Completely focused on ensuring high-end services to clients, with a solid emphasis on business retention.

4. Recent business graduate, hoping for a position as an Intern at Lowe’s. Desirous of working in a challenging environment, where communication and interpersonal skills can be put to excellent use, to help the company meets its targets.

5. Business administration graduate, with solid knowledge of public communications, social media, and standard business management techniques. Anticipating a position at Tesla, leveraging strategy-building knowledge, aimed at helping the organization remain at the top of the industry.

Clerical and Administration Internship Resume Objectives

6. An exceptionally talented individual who is focused on providing excellence in an Intern role at Beaver’s Inc. Looking for a position that will allow me to use my special knowledge of administration and clerical work, to help the company organize its work processes effectively.

7. Poised to obtain an Intern position at Carolina Mornings, bringing the ability to learn quickly, and apply skills in administrative work, to help the company meet its vision effectively.

8. Seeking to obtain an entry-level Administrative Intern opportunity with ABC Company, which will be benefited from my clerical knowledge and customer service skills.

9. Looking for an Administrative Intern position at Miller Construction Company to help supervisors with administrative and clerical tasks. Bringing knowledge of handling correspondence, managing mail, and telephone calls. Ability to oversee front desk operations, and provide necessary interventions.

Sales and Marketing Internship Objectives

10. Detail-oriented and customer service-centered individual seeking a marketing internship opportunity with IHJ. Expert in conducting market surveys, implementing customer satisfaction enhancement strategies, and conducting effective product launch campaigns.

11. Seeking an internship opportunity in sales with Ross and Co. Where my sound knowledge in sales and marketing coupled with practical management skills could contribute to massive profit generation for the firm.

12. Top-performing Business Student with exceptional marketing and sales skills, presently looking for an Intern position at Macy’s. Exceptionally talented in reaching out to customers in order to determine their specific product needs, and providing them with information on available products and services.

13. To work as a Sales Intern at Harrold’s. Eager to apply exceptional skills in welcoming customers and providing them with information on offered product deals and sales. Talented in handling stocking and inventory work, as well as performing visual merchandising efforts.

14. To obtain employment as an Intern at Tiffany & Company. Offering passion for marketing and sales, with the view to bring great benefits in terms of increased sales, and customer retention.

15. Seeking an Intern position at Dredge Marketing, providing the benefit of a business academic background. Focused on benefiting the organization by implementing learned strategies to help meet sales and outreach goals.

16. To work as a Communication Intern at World Wide Fund for Nature. Eager to apply exceptional knowledge of creating and implementing outreach and marketing plans. In-depth knowledge of creating and distributing materials such as pamphlets, flyers, and brochures. Ability to oversee communications implementation in an inert-departmental capacity.

Healthcare, Dental, and Nursing Internship Objectives

17. Highly-focused and dedicated medical graduate, looking for an internship opportunity with IHS Hospital specializing in pediatric medicine. An expert in patient assessment, treatment plan development, and execution.

18. To obtain a Dental Intern position with Dental Aesthetics, by offering benefits of excellence in chairside, and administrative assistance. Familiar with cleaning and sanitizing instruments and equipment. Competent in scheduling appointments and performing follow-ups. Qualified to handle filing and record-keeping tasks, in accordance with facility procedures and protocols.

19. Top-performing nursing graduate seeking an internship at Lakeridge Hospital. Ability to provide ongoing and compassionate care to patients from different backgrounds.

Banking, Finance, and Accounting Internship Objectives

20. Uniquely qualified Finance Student with extensive interest in working in an Academic Intern position at Crossover University. Offering excellent skills in providing research and development assistance for provided topics. Able to ensure appropriate deliverables, in a time-efficient manner.

21. Detail-oriented accounting graduate, excited to utilize excellent problem-solving and analytical skills to contribute to the ABC Company’s mission.

22. Recent finance graduate looking for an Intern position at Services Bank, leveraging the knowledge of basic banking principles. Hoping to contribute to the bank’s service output, and help maintain its reputation in the industry.

IT Internship Objectives

23. IT Student, looking for an internship at Technology Inc. Ability to handle technical work such as installing and maintaining systems. Proficient in ensuring the consistent running of networks, and troubleshooting issues as and when they arise.

24. Seeking a position as a Computer Intern at Jake’s Technologies. Bringing skills in installing software and hardware, and performing networking tasks. Effectively able to troubleshoot issues concerning network and computer security. Well-versed in creating and implementing safety measures in order to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

25. To work for Canada Computers as an intern employing strong computation and math skills, impressive typing speed, and knowledge of troubleshooting computers.

Customer Service Internship Objectives

26. To obtain a receptionist internship with Grayson Enterprise where proficiency in verbal and written communication, strong organizational skills, and ability to handle a multi-line telephonic system could prove to be immediately productive for the firm.

27. To work as an Intern at AT&T, bringing outstanding dedication to the organization, in terms of customer service, and administrative work.

28. Flexible individual, with extensive interest in obtaining an Intern position at Hamilton Communications. Hoping to work in a progressive environment, where I can apply my communication and interpersonal skills to help the company grow and prosper.

Retail Internship Objectives

29. Enthusiastic, and highly efficient individual, with a solid academic background in sales. Searching for an Intern position at Macy’s, leveraging sales and marketing skills, to help the store achieve its goals.

30. University graduate, boasting externship in a retail environment as part of a project, currently seeking an Intern position at Radial Inc. Eager to apply internal communications knowledge, with the aim of helping the company meet its outreach and marketing objectives, quickly, and efficiently.

31. Seeking a position as a Retail Intern at Retail Works providing benefits of skills in handling cash counter and providing customer service. Highly knowledgeable about performing upselling tasks. Proficient in determining customers’ requirements to provide them with correlating services.

32 Self-motivated high school graduate enthusiastic to obtain an internship at Target. Bringing advanced knowledge of customer service protocols and great communication skills.

Academic Writing and Film Production Internship Objective

33. An exceptionally talented individual, hoping to acquire an Intern position at Cases Review, offering inherent interest in academic writing, focused on helping clients meet their goals and targets.

34. Eager to obtain a position as a Production Intern at Dreamworks Production Company. Offering a well-placed interest in film production, and a great capacity to learn quickly. Adept at handling on-set tasks such as lights management, and props oversight. Unmatched ability to assist with filming work, in sync with production timelines.

Hair Styling and Stylist Internship Objective Sample

35. I am seeking an Intern position at Trent Barbers, where I can learn the art of hairstyling and cutting, and eventually contribute to the overall success of the salon.

Call Center Internship Objective Example

36. To work for Advanced Call Center Technologies as an Intern. Providing excellence in generating leads, and following up on them. Focused on performing all work activities in support of company protocols, and objectives.

General Internship Resume Objective Examples

37. Self-motivated high school student seeking an internship with a fast-paced company where my communication and interpersonal skills will be fully utilized to contribute to the success of the company.

38. Passionate college graduate eager to obtain an internship in a multicultural environment to utilize exceptional multitasking skills to efficiently perform various tasks of the company by actively taking and following instructions.

39. Results-oriented and hardworking individual with an eagerness to accept new challenges while learning from experiences. Currently seeking an internship with ABC Company.

40. Self-motivated and passionate high school student with the ability to create new ideas to bring more profits and a client base. Enthusiastic to obtain an internship utilizing my customer service, communication, and math skills to ensure efficiency.

Final Thought

In order to apply for an intern position, you will need to write a resume that beats all other resumes.

Since the beginning of a resume is the objective, this is where your first concentration should be.

For example, if you are applying for an internship position in the marketing arena, it is best if you specifically write about your knowledge of marketing, and your skills in it, when writing a resume objective. Similarly, as a sales intern, you will need to highlight what you know about meeting sales targets. And so on.

Whichever internship position you are applying for, make sure that you highlight your knowledge of the work, even if it is just book knowledge that you are referring to.

In fact, it is imperative to emphasize all that you know about the work, and your corresponding abilities – in not more than 3 lines.

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