6 Marketing Internship Resume Objective Examples

Updated March 17, 2022
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The marketing department in any company holds an important function as it brings in business.

Many people are working in a marketing department, each having their specific roles to play.

Every role is vital including those of marketing interns as they provide a support base for the otherwise always bustling department.

Many universities want students in their marketing or sales programs to acquire internships in companies to understand better the nature of the work that they do.

Marketing internships sometimes also go towards bringing in college credits for the students. Some students or new graduates opt for a marketing internship on their own to acquire exposure that will help them with their first job later on.

There is a lot of work that a marketing intern is required to do which may or may not be directly associated with marketing or sales. Either way, a student will gain valuable information on how to work in this environment later on.

Below are some resume objectives for someone looking for a marketing internship.

Have a look!

Marketing Internship Resume Objective Examples

1. A talented and hard-working individual looking for a Marketing Internship with Nestle. Bringing strong marketing concepts and an understanding of basic marketing principles to assist the marketing department in attaining its long-term goals.

2. To work for Telus as a Marketing Intern where my strong skills in financial analysis, product presentations, promotional planning, and customer support services will be fully utilized. I am efficiently able to organize and prioritize multiple tasks to meet deadlines.

3. Self-motivated business student, seeking a position as Marketing Intern at Ace Rogers, utilizing knowledge of the 4 Ps of marketing to assist in product placement and increase revenue.

4. A Marketing Internship with Max and Chloe. Offering strong proficiency in conducting market audits, analyzing product placement, and performing competitive analysis.

5. To work as a Marketing Intern for Dane Foods. Offers exceptional knowledge base of marketing principles along with a healthy willingness to deliver my potential in a real-time environment.

6. To obtain employment as a Marketing Intern at Core Technologies. Bringing an urge to attain excellence in digital marketing along with expertise in clerical and administrative work to facilitate the department’s marketing activities.