How to Write a CV for Flight Attendant with No Experience (+Sample)

Updated: June 21, 2023

Being a flight attendant is an exciting job. But it can be challenging to obtain if you do not have relevant experience in hand.

If you are an entry-level flight attendant, you have to write a resume or CV that focuses on your transferable skills.

How to Write a Great CV for a Flight Attendant with No Experience?

Below are some guidelines/steps that will help you write an effective flight attendant CV with no hands-on experience.

  1. Study the flight attendant job description and identify your transferable skills.
  2. Begin your CV with a flight attendant objective statement to highlight what you offer instead of what you seek.
  3. Build a strong flight attendant skills and qualifications section based on your transferable skills.
  4. Mention any volunteer or internship experiences and try to relate your job duties with the flight attendant job description.
  5. Include a detailed education and training section.
  6. Don’t forget to include your language proficiencies.
  7. You may add the additional strengths section at the end if you feel there is something left about your profile you want to communicate.
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Here is a CV sample for a flight attendant with no experience in hand.

Entry Level Flight Attendant CV Sample with No Experience

Mitch Springer
603 Ivy-lane, Tampa, FL 89110
(000) 965-9565
[email protected]


“I am eager to provide extraordinary service to passengers.”

An industrious and dedicated individual with active communication skills and strong customer service acumen, seeking employment at British Airways. I offer a profound ability to think critically and make on-the-spot decisions for maximizing aircraft and passengers’ safety. Familiar with federal aviation regulations. 

Associate of Science in Management
Tampa Technical College, Tampa, FL | 2023
Major: Public Relations, Crisis Management

CPR and First Aid 

– Disseminate Instructions – Taking Orders
– Customer Service – Crew Operations
– Physically dexterous – Safety Protocols
– Crisis Management – Decision Making
– Problem-Solving – Communication


Kitchen Helper
SOS Camp, Tampa, FL   
Jan 2022 – Mar 2022
• Assisted in meal preparation and clean-up during and after service.
• Served prepared food and drinks to the residents.
• Washed the dishes, scrubbed the floor, and maintained tidy workstations in the kitchen.

Multilingual: English, Spanish, and Italian

• Highly courteous, customer-oriented attitude
• Ability to lift loads up to 60 lbs

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