Finance Internship Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 13, 2023

A finance internship is usually your first step into the professional world. It gives you information about the world of employment and prepares you for an actual position later.

Most finance internships are unpaid, and companies are always on the lookout for people that they can hire to do tasks – and interns can benefit from this arrangement too. It is usually a win-win situation.

But there are many contenders for one internship position. Therefore, you have to justify that you deserve the internship.

A cover letter for a finance internship plays an important role. How you word your cover letter is what matters – little else does.

Since you are applying for your first job, your first impression makes a huge difference.

Here is a sample finance internship cover letter that you can take ideas:

Sample Cover Letter for Finance Internship

Christian Weldon
(000) 512-9654

January 13, 2023

Mr. Anthony Brutus
Manager of Human Resource
46 Anderson Road
Dickson, TN 10384

Dear Mr. Brutus:

I am writing to apply for the finance internship position at JPMorgan that was listed in the Dickson University Career Services Office. I feel confident that my accounting and finance knowledge makes me an ideal candidate.

As a senior majoring in finance, I have demonstrated strong academic performance across the board. Constantly maintaining an excellent GPA in all courses, I have the following qualifications to offer:

  • Familiar with comparative and quantitative analysis.
  • Proficient in handling financial modeling and asset valuation.
  • A long-term interest in portfolio and asset management.

Apart from specific skills in finance, I offer cross-platform expertise in advanced technology (Windows and Mac), which I believe will be beneficial, especially where different spreadsheet formats are concerned.

I would like to be part of JPMorgan, a winning company, without a doubt, as I believe that the corporate environment here is in sync with my talents. Please take a moment to review my resume. I will contact you after some days, hopefully, to set up a meeting date.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Christian Weldon
(000) 512-9654

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