Life Insurance Underwriter Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 12, 2017

Having written a dozen cover letters before is no guarantee that the one which you write now will be accepted.

In fact, it is often difficult to write the perfect cover letter – experience in writing one is no benchmark.

It is often misunderstood that cover letters are about an individual’s experience.

In actuality, a cover letter is more about skills than it is about experience. The fact that you are a capable individual, who has it in him or her to work in a profound manner is what should be communicated through a cover letter.

Life Insurance Underwriter cover letters must not be too long. They should possess sufficient information though. If your cover letter is sketchy, there is a huge chance that you will not be considered a good contender to hire. Hiring managers do not want to hire individuals who boast about their past experiences. They want to know how well you will do in the future. Here is a sample to help you along:


Life Insurance Underwriter Cover Letter Example



November 12, 2017

Mr. Frank Curtis
Human Resource Manager
National General Insurance Company
54 Citation Road
Eagle River, AK 55552


Dear Mr. Curtis:

It is not often that one comes across the perfect opportunity that allows one to contribute highly to a cause. I am fortunate enough to have found it though. As an experienced and expert Life Insurance Underwriter, I would like to offer my services to National General Insurance Company. Please refer to the enclosed resume for further details of my experience in this regard.

Over 6 years of experience in assessing routine background information regarding individuals requesting coverage, and demonstrated expertise in reviewing basic insurance proposals are my strong points. But this is not where my expertise ends. In fact, I have been actively involved in gathering pertinent information, determining variables, and calculating individual and organizational insurance coverage costs.

This experience has also made me comprehend and carry out calculation reviews, and make timely and sound decisions on client suitability for basic insurance coverage. The fact that I can easily consider pertinent facts, and possible legal implications in this regard, makes me an excellent person to hire to carry out sensitive work such as life insurance underwriting.

With hopes of meeting with you in person, I will contact your office soon. I can be contacted on the number given below if you need any additional information regarding my suitability to work as a life insurance underwriter.




Daymon Freud
(000) 475-5454
Attachment: resume