Gracious Resignation Letter Sample

Updated June 17, 2019

Resigning graciously is nothing less than talent. Not all of us end up leaving a job on reasonable terms; but even if our reason to go is not a pleasant one, we need to portray amiability.

That is because it is crucial not to resign from an organization by leaving a bad taste in employers’ and colleagues’ mouths.


If you want your transition out of an organization to be smooth, you must make sure that you give decision makers a reason to let you go gracefully.

After all, you have a reputation to uphold, and you need your reference letter to apply for a subsequent job.

A gracious resignation letter needs to be complimentary and formal but friendly. You should keep it positive and be supportive as well.



The letter needs to open and closed on a warm note; doing so will provide employers with a reason to welcome you back if need be.

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Have a look at the following sample of a polite resignation letter.


Gracious Resignation Letter Example


111 Stewart Avenue
Lockland, OH 45221

June 17, 2019

Mr. Jim Ford
Human Resources Manager 
North American Lighting
892 Wentworth Avenue
Lockland, OH 63819


Dear Mr. Jim:

I am writing to tender my resignation from my position as Secretary for North American Lighting on 2-weeks notice, effective July 1, 2019. I never thought that the decision to resign. While my heart is not too convinced, I have no choice but to leave the company that has provided me with the best professional years of my life.

Nothing can compete with the skills that I developed at North American Lighting. The opportunities that I have been provided with during my time here have prepared me well for any challenges that I may face in the professional world. I attribute both my professional and personal growth to the patience and hard work that went into training me and the support that I was given during two significant personal down times I have experienced in the past eight years.

If I had a choice, I would never have contemplated resigning from North American Lighting, but I am afraid that I do not have much of a choice since my husband has to move to Cincinnati for work and I must move with him. I am hoping to secure a similar position there with the help of my training in providing secretarial support.

During my transition, if you would like me to train someone to replace me, I will be delighted to assist. Thank you once again for the numerous opportunities you provided me with, and I anticipate much success for the company in the future.



Olivia Cole
Emp#: 65255
North American Lighting

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