Camp Host Job Description

Updated on: May 17, 2018

Position Overview

A camp host is an individual who has the responsibility of providing one on one services to visitors, and camp participants. These people usually work in dedicated camps, where their main duty is to make sure that campgrounds are maintained properly, and that activities are handled in a profound manner.

Many people begin as volunteers and work their way up to the position of a camp host.

Position Requirements

A person working at this position requires a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least, although no formal education is required.

What is required is some experience in handling emergencies by performing CPR and First Aid in case there are any sudden injuries or illnesses on the campsite. Working as a camp host means that you will be on your feet all day, giving directions to volunteers, and making sure that everything is in order.

Also, you will need to possess the ability to interact with different types of people, provide information and instruction, and ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing while they are on the site.

As a camp host, you will need to be able to create and develop programs which meet the individual needs of all participants. This will require you to understand what camps offer, how they lead activities, and what outcomes are expected of these activities. Some personal qualities that you will need in order to successfully work as a camp host include excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a great ability to handle problems, and profound knowledge of dealing with people from different backgrounds.

Here are some duties of a camp host that you must go through before you apply for a job as one:

Camp Host Duties & Responsibilities

• Greet participants in a friendly and upbeat manner, and provide them with required information regarding camp activities.

• Create, develop, and implement core camp activities programs, ensuring that they meet the specific requirements of all participants.

• Provide participants with information on camp rules and protocols, and the importance of abiding by them.

• Lead activities designed for each participant group, ensuring that all participants enjoy them, and feel included.

• Assist participants with activities such as trekking, photographing, and bonding with nature.

• Intervene in situations that require assistance, such as uphill support or trekking assistance.

• Respond to calls for information regarding camp activities and timelines, by following facility protocol.

• Enroll participants in camp programs, and provide them with insight into activities and modules that they can become part of.

• Conduct tent inspections to ensure that they are in a consistently clean and maintained state.

• Create and maintain logs of all participants and their activities, in accordance with the specifics of the facility protocol.