Team Member Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 29, 2022
Position Overview

Team members come under the broader category of customer service personnel.

Even though any individual who is part of a team is considered a team member but the hospitality and food industries term team members as people who are in direct contact with customers and are responsible for providing them with good customer service.

Popular workplaces for team members include coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains.

Team members work under the direct supervision of a team lead or manager who provides them with instructions and guidance.

The main priority of a team member is customer satisfaction and this is the area that they are most trained in.

Technically, team members are trained to work on any station within a hospitality or food service environment.

They will be provided with rigorous training to handle order taking and packing duties; they will be equally trained in operating cash registers.

It is an absolute necessity for team members to adhere to the company’s rules for personal hygiene and follow safety guidelines as they work in extremely sensitive areas.

Fast food places such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC, and Tim Hortons are popular employment options for people who want to work as part of a dynamic team in the foodservice industry.

Job Description and Duties to Use in a Team Member Resume

• Greet customers/guests and attempt to make them comfortable.
• Provide information on regular menu items and any deals that the company may be offering.
• Assist customers in choosing meal deals or standalone meals by providing them with information on ingredients and taste.
• Take orders from customers and punch them into the company ordering system.
• Repeat punched order to make sure that it has been accurately punched.
• Provide customers with information on how long it will take their order to be delivered to them.
• Ask customers if their orders are for dine-in or to go.
• Provide customers with order receipts and payment information.
• Take payment in cash and render change.
• Process debit and credit cards and ask customers to sign receipts.
• Relay order information to the kitchen area.
• Verify the accuracy of prepared orders, deliver dine-in orders, and pack to-go orders.
• Check food quality to make sure that quality standards are maintained.
• Make sure that all stored food items are available and stored properly.
• Maintain workstations by cleaning and sanitizing them constantly.
• Handle customers’ complaints and suggestions in a proactive manner.
• Make sure that kitchen equipment is sanitized and maintained properly.
• Tally the cash register at the end of each shift and report any discrepancies.

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