Sample Recommendation Letter for Accountant Position

Updated November 11, 2022
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Accountant reference letters can be written in a professional or a personal capacity depending on the specifics of what has been asked by the person who needs it.

An accountant, for instance, may ask for a reference letter detailing his career of many years.

This type of reference letter will include information regarding the time he has spent in the company, how much he managed to contribute to the company, and what he has achieved.

At the beginning of a reference letter, it is helpful to introduce yourself and mention how you know the person for whom you are writing the reference letter.

That is useful because this information can pique the reader’s interest which will edge him to read the letter further.

Remember that the purpose of a recommendation letter is to verify an individual’s character and professional standing so some wordplay should be taken into account here.

The sample recommendation letter for an accountant (below) can be used as a template to write one:

Accountant Recommendation Letter Sample

November 11, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to recommend Jacob Maryland as a candidate for an Accountant position with your organization. As Jacob’s supervisor for almost 7 years, I have yet to work with someone as meticulous with numbers and calculations as he is. He was initially employed as an accounts associate at Cumber Holmes Inc. but latterly promoted to an accountant’s position owing to his talent to take the initiative and work with complete abandon.

Jacob is a very bright and personable individual who knows his work inside out. He is self-motivated, independent, and efficient – three must-have qualities for any accountant. His work has added tremendous value to the company owing to the “Divergent Accounting” system that he introduced and implemented. This system managed to bring down accounting errors by 50% and has inadvertently saved the company much in terms of money and resources.

I have yet to come across an individual who welcomes leadership opportunities and meets deadlines as fastidiously as Jacob does. He has played a pivotal role in many financing activities and funding proposals directed towards The Rainbow Chains – a project that was wholly important for Cumber Holmes Inc.

He will be an asset to any company that decides to hire him, and I recommend him for an Accountant position without any reservations.


Adam Valium
Director of Finance
Cumber Holmes, Inc.
Tel: (000) 475-6585