Grocery Team Member Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: April 20, 2022

Grocery team members work in either grocery shops or large retail stores that have a grocery section.

They are expected to handle dry groceries, dairy products, and frozen groceries in terms of ensuring that they are kept fresh and well-stocked.

Also, they are required to manage any product which may have expired before a customer complains and also ensure that all products displayed have a long shelf life.

Grocery team members are usually on the front line where they are in constant touch with customers.

This is the prime reason for them to be trained in providing excellent customer service while assisting customers in choosing and picking the right choice of groceries.

In the event of a customer who may be unhappy with the service or item provided, a grocery team member will ensure that problems are addressed, and amends are made appropriately.

The work of a grocery team member does not end with customer interaction. They are required to manage seasonal displays in the store window, place merchandise on shelves, maintain inventory and provide information to the manager when a stock is out or is about to go out.

There is, of course, more depth to a grocery team member’s job.

Apart from the apparent duties, he is expected to rotate items on shelves as and when instructed and also manage appropriate signage and pricing activities.

In some stores, a grocery team member will be asked to keep sample areas full and provide customers with information on the displayed samples in a robust manner akin to that of a marketing person.

Grocery team members are also expected to start off by building a rapport with customers to better understand their needs and fulfill them in a befitting manner.

They may also be supposed to train and mentor new team members to get them acquainted with the work.