Top 7 Restaurant Manager Resume Objective Examples

Updated March 8, 2022
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If you want to build a targeted and most effective resume for a restaurant manager job, you should use an objective statement instead of a profile or professional summary.

An objective will help to tailor your resume per the requirements of the employer. 

In fact, an objective-based resume confirms that you are interested in working for a specific restaurant.

On the other hand, a resume without objective gives a generic feel and confirms that you have not done any research on the prospective restaurant before sending and sent the same copy of your resume to many employers.

Therefore, it is necessary to write a targeted objective for a restaurant manager’s resume and customize your resume accordingly.

You may get help from the following examples to build a compelling objective for your resume.

7 Sample Objectives for a Restaurant Manager Resume

1. Looking for a Restaurant Manager position at the Hyatt. Bringing 12 years’ managerial experience as well as working knowledge of hospitality operations to contribute to the progression and development of the restaurant and its employees.

2. Seeking a Restaurant Manager position with Marriott. Offering 10 years of diverse experience in hospitality management along with exceptional customer care skills to bring excellence in daily operations.

3. To secure a position as a Restaurant Manager at XYZ Restaurant. Excited to manage guests, staff members, and patrons by utilizing my strong customer service, leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and mediation skills.

4. Achievement-oriented leader, seeking a Restaurant Manager position at ABC Hospitality. Poised to offer over a decade of progressively responsible restaurant management experience to develop healthy and long-lasting relations with the guests.

5. Eager to work as a Restaurant Manager for Domino’s Pizza. Bringing a solid track record of managing and motivating staff members and providing exceptional customer service to ensure smooth operations and maximize customer base.

6. Seeking a full-time Restaurant Manager position at XYZ Restaurant, leveraging exceptional organizational skills and innovative ideas to improve the restaurant’s overall performance.

7. To obtain a Restaurant Manager position at Boston Pizza. Enthusiastic to improve service steadily to ensure recurring business and maintain a sound image of the restaurant.