Top 6 Food Service Manager Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: April 8, 2021
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There are some cases in which a candidate for a food service manager position just cannot do without a resume objective. What are these specifically?

If you are applying for a first job or changing careers, you will have to be eloquent in what you have to offer to a prospective employer. And what better way to do this than through a resume objective?

Foodservice manager resume objectives provide a chance to tell the employer that the applicant is available and ready to take on the challenges of the job!

How to create an effective objective statement for a food service manager resume?

Writing a resume objective is not an issue – but writing it properly is! Objectives have evolved over the years. Where it was once alright to say I want the job to learn and gain experience, this attitude is no longer accepted. Employers do know need to know what you want. They want to know what you can do for them.

So when you write a resume objective, think selflessly. It is obvious that you will gain experience from a job – just do not mention it so openly. Think of different ways in which you can serve the employer, look for specific skills that you have and write your resume objective accordingly.

Here is a list of resume objectives for a food service manager position:

Sample Objectives for Food Service Manager Resume

1. Results-oriented food service professional seeking a position as a managerial position at Sodexo. Bringing expertise in overseeing the day-to-day operations of food service, with a special focus on quality and customer services.

2. Self-motivated individual looking for a Food Service Manager position at Compass Group USA. Employing 6+ years’ food service experience to ensure that food items meet adequate levels of nutrition and are presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

3. Strong desire to get employment as a Food Service Manager with JFK Medical Center. Offering hands-on experience in providing effective leadership to the food service team to ensure that the quality and quantity of food items and service is constantly maintained.

4. To work as a Food Service Manager with Mid-Atlantic Convenience Store where
skills in identifying and fulfilling customers’ needs will be completely utilized to ensure repeat business opportunities.

5. To obtain a position as a Food Service Manager at St, Joseph’s Healthcare System. Eager to apply proficiency in managing food and beverage and day-to-day operations within a specific budget.

6. Seeking a Food Service Manager position at Hyatt utilizing a track record of operational management, food stock organization, supplies management, and training and development of food service staff members.