Busboy Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 5, 2023

Busboys are considered the “busy people” of a restaurant. That is why they are considered a very important part of the restaurant business. In fact, they are always doing something.

When recruiters screen cover letters for busboy positions, they look for people who are physically agile and have a knack for providing good customer service.

Typically, busboys are required to assist waiters during food service procedures. They provide support to waiters by cleaning up spills, clearing tables, resetting tables, and setting up buffet stations.

Mention of all this on a cover letter for a busboy resume is sure to get you the job – provided you do well at the interview as well.

Getting to the interview stage is the biggest hurdle in the job application process, but if your cover letter speaks for itself, you will have no problem getting to the interview stage.

A cover letter for a busboy position must be tailored to the specific restaurant that you are applying to.

You might want to read up on what the restaurant’s customer service policy is and tailor your cover letter accordingly.

You can take ideas from the following cover letter sample for a busboy position.

Sample Cover Letter for Busboy Job

February 5, 2023

Noah Murdock
Restaurant Manager
Four Leaf Dining
2746 Orange Avenue
Petersburg, VA 64736

Dear Mr. Murdock:

I am interested in working as a Busboy for your restaurant and trust that the accompanying resume will be of interest to you.

Over the past few years, I have followed the masterful expansion of Four Leaf Dining from a mere food service kiosk to one of the best dining experiences in Petersburg. You genuinely champion food service, customer focus, and employee initiative – all of which are values that are of the utmost importance to me. 

While working at Yolanda’s Café, I mastered the tricks of the trade completely. As a food enthusiast myself, I am familiar with the proper manner in which food stations should be set up and provide customer service – like I would wish to receive them if I were at the other end. Putting myself in customers’ shoes is what has made me constantly successful in my position as a busser.

I take instructions well and have a knack for following through with directions provided to me. My initiative and drive do not end here. I am a keen multitasker who can handle bussing and serving duties concurrently along with working as a helping hand in the kitchen.

Mr. Murdock, I am very interested in pursuing a career at Four Leaf Dining and would greatly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss this position further. I will call you soon to schedule an appointment and can be contacted at (333) 333-3333 in the interim.

Thank you very much for considering my credential for this exciting busboy job opportunity.

Sincerely yours,

Liam Neeson

(Enc: Resume)

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