Banquet Captain Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 12, 2021

Job Overview

Banquet captains are those amazing people who call the shots to ensure that each banquet event is handled flawlessly.

While many people handle the small details that are ever so important in banquet management, it is the banquet captain who makes sure that all these small details are properly and timely coordinated.

Before you begin writing your resume to apply for a banquet captain job, make sure that you are fully aware of what the position entails.

There is a lot of responsibility associated with this work as banquet managers are the end-all-and-be-all of banquet events.

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Banquet Captain Job Description for Resume

• Interview customers to determine their specific banquet setup requirement.
• Assist customers in choosing banquet setup plans offered by the facility, according to their specific needs.
• Confer with chefs and stewards to chart out a plan to meet each event’s detailed requirements.
• Assist in the development of banquet menus by first determining what the competition is offering.
• Interact with customers during the event to ensure their satisfaction and to meet any additional requirements.
• Coordinate meal services with kitchen staff, chefs, catering, and sales managers.
• Ensure that all floors, furniture, and work areas are clean and presentable.
• Greet customers in a friendly manner and show them to their seats.
• Coordinate the services of serving staff to ensure delivery of food items to the banquet tables in a timely fashion.
• Research markets to discover possibilities for events and to determine the competition’s standing.
• Establish event space and food and beverage prices and indulge in negotiation to meet the facility’s objectives and those of the customers.
• Plan room layouts and ensure that appropriate services for car parking and security are in check.
• Assist in the design of tickets, posters, catalogs, and brochures for each individual event.
• Listen to and resolve customers’ complaints by keeping within the limitations of the organization, while striving to achieve high customer satisfaction.


Working as a banquet captain requires you to possess a high school diploma at the very minimum, however, if you have a degree in hospitality or food service, your candidature becomes stronger.

Skills and Abilities

To be truly eligible for this position, it is imperative for you to possess exceptional leadership qualities, along with the ability to handle personnel and coordinate food service in an efficient manner.

Physical stamina and patience are considered virtues when working in this position. The ability to handle customers’ complaints in an effective manner and ensuring repeat business is absolutely essential.