Technical Support Assistant Job Description

Updated on: June 4, 2019

Technical support assistants provide support to clients (or users) of the company.

They resolve issues over the telephone and in person and ensure that all systems are working efficiently at all times.


As the first point of contact, technical support assistants have many tasks to perform as far as technical work is concerned.

They install software and hardware and also make sure that all systems are free from viruses and protected against malware.

Maintenance is a big part of a technical support assistant’s job – he or she makes sure that computers run without problems and that all hardware and software systems are up to date.

The work of a technical support assistant is highly challenging as s/he faces a variety of different problems in a typical working day – some of them may be unprecedented.


To work as a successful technical support assistant, you will not only be handling systems; you may also be entrusted with handling digital assets, preparation of information technology documentation and maintenance of the company’s websites.

A detailed list of duties and responsibilities for technical support specialist is given below:

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Technical Support Assistant Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Respond to calls for technical support through telephones, emails or in person

• Ensure that computer hardware and software is updated and maintained properly

• Supervise installation of software and hardware modules and ensure that upgrades are performed timely

• Install and maintain a variety of peripheral devices such as printers, routers, and scanners

• Diagnose and troubleshoot technical problems

• Identify priority issues and ensure that they are handled first

• Ensure that new technologies and processes are adapted to current systems effectively

• Conduct set up and installation of multifunction devices and audiovisual equipment

• Assist the technical team with the preparation of information technology manuals and documentation

• Provide direct technical assistance to projects in a bid to help them reach their objectives

• Assist users in handling and learning desktop applications

• Assist in organizing, tagging and cataloging digital assets

• Provide staff training in an attempt to assist them in working independently on systems and handling minor problems on their own

• Create and maintain networks (LAN, WAN, and MAN) and ensure that they work in sync with each other

• Oversee staff to handle ducting activities to lay networks

• Create network and user accounts for staff, and provide them with login information

• Troubleshoot problems regarding logins and passwords

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