Help Desk Support Job Description

Updated: March 23, 2018

A service or a product is not complete if it is not backed up by a workable support.

After all, it is important to know just what to do with a service or a product once you buy it and in the event of malfunctions. This is where help desk support matters.

People working at the help desk of any company provide customers with information on usage and troubleshooting advice for the product or service subscribed for.

Helpdesk support is usually more popular where information technology is concerned as not everyone is a pro. Callers are provided with answers to their questions regarding installations, bugs, walkthroughs, and warranties depending on the product in question.

Helpdesk personnel diagnose and resolve technical hardware and software issues and advise users on appropriate action that they must take in order to resolve an issue.

These support personnel take telephone calls and answer emails from users which is usually the prime contact type.

In the event of an inability to assist a customer, supervisors are required to come in and help. For all problems that cannot be resolved immediately, they are required to issue tickets to invite other personnel to use their expertise in order to resolve them.

Helpdesk support representatives take many calls in a day and are expected to spend only a limited amount of time on each call which is why they need to be quick thinkers and keen listeners.

These specialists do not necessarily need to hold degrees in information technology but they need to be quite familiar with most technical issues which they usually acquire with on-the-job training.