Sample Skills as a Hospital Secretary

Updated on: June 4, 2019

A resume is incomplete if it does not have a section that details a candidate’s skills.

Skills to perform a particular job need to be highlighted in a separate section of hospital secretary resume as they provide prospective employers with information on what you are capable of.


It does not matter if they are personal or transferable skills; if you have them, you should flaunt them!

When you are customizing your resume for a particular job, you may want to have a look at the advertisement that you are answering to.

The job description on the ad will give a good idea of what you need to write as part of your skills – assuming you do possess those skills!

Each skill that you write on your resume will be used to match your ability to handle the job that you are applying for.


This makes it even more critical for you to be accurate when mentioning your skills. If multitasking is not your strong point, refrain from saying it so that you do not have to face repercussions later.

So how does one write a skill on a resume?

Let us take an example of a hospital secretary and see what skills she will require handling her work effectively:

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Sample Skills for Hospital Secretary Resume

• Excellent knowledge of medical terminology and its appropriate use.

• Proven ability to focus on both patient care and office work concurrently.

• Outstanding communication skills aimed at interacting effectively with patients and hospital staff.

• Adept at handling hospital scheduling and appointment tasks by ensuring efficiency and clarity.

• Strong reception and customer service skills targeted at providing patients and families with an immediate medical response.

• Able to handle dictation and medical transcription activities.

• Well versed in performing insurance authorizations and claims payment activities.

• Completely comfortable with operating and maintaining patient test logging systems.

• Demonstrated ability to build strategic work relationships with hospital staff in facilitating the accomplishment of work goals.

• Track record of identifying critical issues within the hospital and address them following best practices.

• Strong knowledge of handling and safely filing classified information.

• Technology and Internet savvy – can use most hospital databases without much training.

• Exceptional time management skills aimed at ensuring that all assigned projects are completed on time and in sync with hospital policies.

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