IT Support Technician Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: May 16, 2022
IT Support Technician Job Description

What would our lives as novice technology users be if it weren’t for the services of IT support technicians?

Very difficult!

IT support technicians are specifically hired to handle first contact services for customers and users.

They provide users/customers with support by teaching them technical aspects of using information technology and also assist them in handling problems with hardware and software.

As with most other jobs, it is necessary to possess exceptional customer service skills along with a positive and helpful attitude, as you will be working with customers all day.

The ability to stay current with the ever-changing technology and IT solutions is important in this work.

Of course, if you have exceptional analytic skills, you will be able to resolve issues in a quick fashion and this fact will work in your favor as well.

Duties and Responsibilities for IT Support Technician Resume

  • Act as the first point of contact for customers or users looking for solutions to their information technology problems.
  • Coordinate and schedule information technology support through tickets.
  • Review incoming tickets and determine priorities by figuring out which ones need the most help.
  • Respond to tickets by providing step-by-step guides or asking for additional information.
  • Communicate with customers to keep them in the loop about service ticket progress.
  • Interview customers directly or over the telephone to acquire details of problems with their computers or peripherals.
  • Assist customers by working out reasons for faults and explaining why they transpired.
  • Troubleshoot software and hardware issues including license problems, file corruption, and component malfunction.
  • Set up new computer systems and peripherals and upgrade existing ones.
  • Install and configure operating systems and monitor and maintain networks and systems.
  • Set up new user accounts and profiles and handle any corresponding password issues.
  • Resolve incidents with peripherals such as printers, copiers, and scanners.
  • Track daily performance of systems and conduct analysis in order to improve system performances.
IT Support Technician Job Requirements

To work in this role, one needs to possess a combination of a degree or diploma (in information technology) and network certifications such as A+ and CCNA.

If you have some experience working as an IT support technician, your candidature will of course become stronger than others who might not be too experienced.