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Help Desk Associate Resume Sample

Help Desk Associate Resumes are complete documents that require a lot of effort if you want them to bring results. Since they are designed to possess a lot of information, it is imperative to make them complete in every sense.   The following resume sample can guide you how to craft your resume for help… Read More »

Help Desk Associate Cover Letter Sample

Cover letters can hold a lot of information but they shouldn’t really. Why not? Well, at best, cover letters should be teasers of what is to come next. While it is important to fill them with information of your abilities and skills, it is also imperative to keep a sound balance. When writing a help… Read More »

Help Desk Specialist Resume Sample

Help desk specialist resume writing needs quite a lot of attention, especially if you want to gain an interview. When you write a Help Desk Specialist resume, your primary focus should be on the message that it is going to give.   How to Write a Help Desk Specialist Resume? Start your resume with a… Read More »

Help Desk Assistant Job Description

Help-desk assistants work in many different industries and provide more or less the same type of services. They service customer requests in person, over the telephone and through emails. Depending on the type of organization that they work for, they may be required to provide technical assistance to customers who call in or send emails.… Read More »

Tier 1 Help Desk Job Description and Duties

We have often heard people say that first contact customer services need to be excellent. And it is true. First contact or tier 1 customer services show customers how professional your organization is and how important it deems its customers to be. For instance, a company whose tier 1 helpdesk rates at a 9 on… Read More »

IT Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers

IT Help desks are always abuzz with customers calling in and asking for assistance. People who work at help desks are hired after much scrutiny, and it is a given that interviews conducted for IT help desk positions are difficult to ace simply because employers wish to employ the individuals with excellent communication, customer service,… Read More »

Technical Support Assistant Job Description

Technical support assistants provide support to clients (or users) of the company. They resolve issues over the telephone and in person and ensure that all systems are working efficiently at all times.   As the first point of contact, technical support assistants have many tasks to perform as far as technical work is concerned. They… Read More »

Help Desk Support Job Description

A service or a product is not complete if it is not backed up by a workable support. After all, it is important to know just what to do with a service or a product once you buy it and in the event of malfunctions. This is where help desk support matters. People working at… Read More »

Help Desk Manager Job Description

The position of a help desk manager is a supervisory role in which a manager is responsible for leading a team of IT Support staff which provides technical assistance to a company’s customers. Help desk managers are required to formulate and implement plans that will result in the provision of excellent customer services. A help… Read More »