ICT Support Technician Job Description for Resume

Updated on: October 1, 2017

Position Overview

ICT support technicians (information communications technology support technicians) are individuals who are hired specifically for the management, maintenance and development of all ICT equipment, and the provision of technical advice and support.

They are required to install new software and hardware, and ensure that any technical issues are resolved in a real time manner.

Educational Requirement

A degree in computer sciences is required if you want to work as an ICT support technician. In addition to formal education, you need to be exceptionally well-versed in providing first line user support and training, and ensuring that the technology needs of all users under your wing are fulfilled.

Knowledge Requirement

Day to day management of information communications technology security systems, and monitoring of external support contractors are prerequisites of working at this position.

In addition to this, it is important to possess exceptional insight into monitoring servers and backup system, and assisting project and technical staff in handling their work effectively.

You will need to possess exceptional information of first line maintenance and support for ICT systems and the ability to manage software libraries.

Skills Requirement

Strong interpersonal and communication skills, along with exceptional organizational skills and the ability to work in a team environment are also required when working as an ICT support technician. Some of the main jobs that you will be performing when working at this position include:


Job Description for ICT Support Technician Resume


• Set up and connect workstations and peripherals to ensure that all ICT operations are run in a proper manner.

• Detect and diagnose workstation problems and ensure that any application errors are timely resolved.

• Maintain, upgrade and repair a wide range of peripherals and workstations, and ensure that complete applications are installed on them.

• Provide required advice on compatibility of hardware, applications and operating systems, in sync with users’ requirements.

• Install software on servers, maintain hardware and software on each workstation, and set disk space and printer quotas.

• Support the maintenance of the company’s intranet and website, and ensure that server system setup is properly completed.

• Provide support to manage active system components such as routers and switches, and set up disk caches and firewalls.

• Implement data backup systems and virus protection and security procedures, to ensure protection of hardware, software and data.

• Create and analyze reports on support requests for management purposes, and set support priorities.

• Plan and implement changes in ICT services, and maintain an overall view of the company’s ICT services, with special focus on making improvements for future needs.