Lunch Aide Resume Sample

Updated on: April 11, 2022

The position of a lunch aide may seem like a simple one – but that is far from the truth.

A lunch aide usually works in elementary and preschools where her job is to assist young students with lunchtime activities.

This may include assisting them with opening their lunch boxes or packaged foods and helping them with waste removal activities.

Since people working in this position are in contact with children, they need to practice a lot of tact and patience. It can be quite a tiresome job to manage lunchtime with so many children who may or may not want to listen to what you have to say.

The following is a resume sample for this position that may help you apply for a job in either an elementary or preschool setting.

Lunch Aid Resume Example

399 Stella Street
Fairmont, MN 72922
(000) 999-9999
myname @ email .com


• Hardworking lunch aide with 5+ years of experience working in busy settings.
• Highly skilled in devising and implementing a system for the orderly purchase and disposal of food.
• Proficient in monitoring and supervising preschool students during lunchtime.
• Ability to maintain order and decorum in a cafeteria environment and ensure appropriate behavior standards.

• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Ability to manage young adults effectively
• Exceptional organizational skills
• Capable of maintaining a positive demeanor at all times
• Demonstrated excellence in oral and written communication


Lunch Aide
City School – Fairmont, MN 
• Achieved standardization in cafeteria food by proposing and implementing packaged food for hygiene purposes.
• Promoted from assistant lunch aide to lunch aide within five months of dedicated work in the cafeteria.
• Assisted students with opening lunch boxes and other packaged food items.
• Monitored students during lunchtime to ensure proper eating and hygiene.
• Attended to children experiencing difficulties with lunchroom activities.
• Maintained appropriate behavior within the cafeteria.
• Ensured table cleanliness and general hygiene of the premises.

Assistant Lunch Aide
ABC School – Fairmont, MN   
• Assisted lunch aide in managing and supervising students during lunch hour.
• Took note of allergies that may affect students and ensured that appropriate food is in their lunch packs.
• Managed student behavior.
• Seated students at their designated places and ensured chatter is kept to a minimum.
• Assisted lunch aide with stacking trays and cleaning eating areas.

High School Diploma
Fairmont High School, Fairmont, MN