Health Unit Coordinator Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 9, 2015

It is important to understand the purpose of a health unit coordinator career objective before setting yourself to the task of writing one. The title, career objective is somewhat deceptive – it implies that it is a statement about what the candidate is seeking in terms of a career however it actually is a brief section of the resume, highlighting the core strengths which the candidate is offering to the employer in reference to a certain announced or unannounced vacancy.

It is therefore clear that effective career objectives focus on the employer’s needs and highlight the candidate’s relevant assets while also mentioning the title of the exact role being sought. Below are some useful tips regarding resume objective writing:

Select an objective format that best describes your skills: If you feel that some powerful adjectives express your competencies better than a list of skills, go for a summary like format. If you are a beginner and want to highlight certain key skills which are few in number but are impactful, stick to the conventional objective format.

Communicate the exact position you seek along with what you offer in return: Specify the exact position you are seeking and highlight your key strengths offered in a subtle and concise manner.

Take up a business like tone: Sound like a professional. The objective section must be written in a business-like manner since it’s almost like a business proposal. You are offering certain skills set and competencies in return for a job role you aspire.

Health Unit Coordinator Resume Objective Examples

• Compassionate, detail oriented health unit coordinator seeking a similar role with the COMMUNITY Hospital. Adept at compiling detailed documentation of patient records, chart preparation and patient record assessment as per HIPPA standards. An active team player who is committed to delivery of highest possible standards of healthcare.

• Patient care oriented, organized health care unit coordinator looking for a job opportunity with ST.MARY’S HOSPITAL. Highly focused individual and a proven multi-tasker with strong communication skills and profound ability to compile patient data into computerized systems.

• Looking for a health unit coordinator position with MIDIXI Hospital where skills in patient care delivery, database management and admittance/discharge paperwork could be utilized effectively.

• To serve as a health unit coordinator at GET WELL healthcare setup. Offering expertise in record keeping, admission and discharge processing and handling high volume of incoming calls on a multi-line system.

• Seeking to put well practiced health unit coordination skills to productive use at IMS Hospital. Expert in patient data collection, health care services integration and bill generation while adhering to relevant HIPPA guidelines.