Department Store Cover Letter Example

Updated on: October 17, 2015

Department store cover letters work on hooks. These include name dropping, storytelling and narration. Actually, there are many other types of hooks as well but these three are most commonly used. You need to use a hook that you deem best for your situation. For instance, if you are an individual who is returning to work after a long time, you may consider using a narrative hook to provide information of why you weren’t working for such a long time. If you know someone within the company that you intend to work for, name dropping will work best.

Experts say that focusing on the source of a job post – like an advertisement – is a complete waste of time. Selling is the keyword here. Opening your letter with a strategic bang can be all that the employer wants you to do. Employers need motivated people to hire. But everyone just does not get it! Avoiding leadoff losers like the examples given below will help you start on the right foot:

• I was recently let go because of a misunderstanding …
• I am presently in search of a job …
• I am writing in response to your advertisement …
• If you or someone you know could use a sales associate …

See what is wrong with these openers? They are downright ordinary and too straight. Avoid at all costs!

Here is what your cover letter should look like:


Department Store Cover Letter Example


548 9th Street
Anchorage, AK 18632

October 17, 2015

Mr. Keith Miller
Hiring Manager
25 Kently Drive
Anchorage, AK 18632


Dear Mr. Miller:

As an energetic and results-focused professional, I would like to apply for a sales associate position at Carter’s.

Some of my qualifications include:

• Known for determining customers’ needs by engaging them in conversation and fulfilling those needs by employing exceptional customer service skills
• Proficient in promptly processing accurate customer purchases and returns via efficient use of POS systems
• Special talent for achieving optimum and consistent customer services at all times
• Competent at driving sales and customer loyalty by creating complete and lasting customer solutions

Since I am aware of corporate culture, the time and cost in training me will not be as much as if you hire someone who is completely new. I will be in touch with you next week to determine if a meeting time can be arranged. Alternately, please feel free to contact me at (888) 888-8888 if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Finn Bell

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