Job responsibilities of a Finance Manager may differ somewhat depending on the setting they work in. There are, however, some duties that are common to finance managers across the board. They are expected to instigate budgetary planning, predicting advancements and opportunities and make strategic financial plans for a company.

In some companies, finance managers are also required to search new revenue streams in order to make up deficits. They are required to have a bachelor’s degree at the very least but some employers prefer that they hire people at this position who possess a master’s degree in economics, finance or even business administration with a major in finance.

Working as a Finance Manager is not everyone’s ball game. This position requires that the person in question possess critical thinking and problem solving skills without which he or she will never be able to do justice to this job. A finance manager’s resume is screened heavily for relevant qualifications and skills as this is an important position. Since the opening of a resume basically decides the future of the candidate, it is extremely important for a candidate to write a well structured resume objective. Let us look at a few examples.


Finance Manager Resume Objective Examples

• Seeking a position of Finance Manager at Karma Inc. utilizing my extensive background in financial management and cost accounting along with critical thinking skills in order to provide the company with the highest level of strategic services

• Finance Manager position with Hamilton Sundstrand utilizing my experience in financial classification, auditing, analysis and reconciliation

• Looking for a position of Finance Manager at Pepco Holdings where I may use my system evaluation skills and research acumen in order to provide the company with a high level of financial systems support

• To obtain a Finance Manager position with Rubics Co. Offering a wide array of skills pertinent to problem resolution and critical analysis of financial junctions

• To work for Fanners as a Finance Manager by offering expertise in strategic financial planning and profit targeted decision making skills

• Desire a position as a Finance Manager for WWF America where I may employ expertise in reducing financial risk to the company and maintaining a positive image of the company

Last Word

A resume objective for finance manager position must be targeted to the specific company and contain two to three of your core competencies. Generic statements will just waste the time of the hiring manager and might be resulted in the rejection of your job application.