Top 16 Executive Assistant Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: February 13, 2021
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An executive assistant is an office support professional who is responsible for overall office management, calendar keeping, correspondence handling, liaison with vendors, inter-departmental coordination, and sometimes reception tasks.

What is an Executive Assistant Resume Summary?

A professional profile or summary for an Executive Assistant resume is a short paragraph that contains a glimpse of the whole resume. Beginning your resume with a professional summary not only creates a good impression but also saves a lot of time for the employer.

Importance of Executive Assistant Summary Statement

A summary statement determines whether or not the employer will read the complete document. It is, therefore, the most critical section of a resume.

How to Write a Professional Summary Statement on Executive Assistant Resume?

The key to creating a successful profile or summary is to use a lot of action verbs. It will not only strengthen the statement but also radiate energy.

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Sample Profile or Summary Examples for Executive Assistant Resume

Executive Assistant Resume Summary Examples With 15+ Years of Experience

1. Talented and self-reliant Executive Assistant with 15+ years’ successful track record in providing administrative support to all levels of managers. Hands-on experience in organizing meetings, coordinating with stakeholders, and maintaining the executive’s calendars. Known as a passionate person who is willing to accept new challenges.

2. Hardworking and versatile individual, with 17 years of experience working in an administrative capacity. Detailed knowledge of business terminologies and practices, with a solid grasp on providing one on one assistance to assigned executives. Especially effective at preparing financial documents, reports, memos, and letters, and handling basic bookkeeping tasks.

3. Resourceful and task-oriented Executive Assistant with 18 years of diverse experience in general office management, reception handling, and appointment scheduling. Skilled in arranging travels, taking minutes, and handling correspondence. Innate ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. A results-driven professional who can use sound judgment to determine priorities.

Summary Examples for Executive Assistant With 10-14 Years’ Experience

4. Well qualified and seasoned Executive Assistant with 12+ years of successful track record.. Particularly skilled in appointment scheduling, front desk management, and official correspondence handling. A team player who can adhere to the rules and regulations of the office. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

5. Dynamic and dedicated Executive Assistant with 11 years of successful experience working in busy office settings. Recognized for communicating effectively at various levels and acting as a liaison between managers and employees. Track record of meeting targets and deadlines efficiently. Demonstrated ability to implement office policies and procedures to facilitate the smooth workflow.

6. Detail-oriented, diligent Executive Assistant with over 10 years of experience working with top executives to provide them with excellent administrative, logistic, and communications assistance. Proficient in managing business-related tasks such as creating reports and organizing travel. Excellent customer service and communication skills.

7. Professional Executive Assistant, boasting a career spanning over 13 years. Relevant experience includes planning, organizing, and problem-solving to ensure completion of deadline-driven projects on time. Excellent communication skills, successfully utilized in preparing to liaise with people and individuals internally, and externally.

Executive Assistant Summary Samples With 5-9 Years’ Experience

8. A results-driven executive assistant with over 5 years of hands-on experience in coordinating internal and external meetings, preparing presentations, and maintaining contacts. Well-versed in comprehending workflow and priorities and ensuring that all administrative tasks are completed within provided deadlines.

9. Dedicated and enthusiastic Executive Assistant with a track record of effectively coordinating and scheduling meetings and events. Known for providing efficient administrative support to a unit of executives.

10. Top-performing Executive Assistant with more than 4 years of experience in organizing data to ensure appropriate management of day to day operations for executive support. Adept at assessing needs, generating options, and implementing solutions to ensure that all aspects of office management are covered properly.

Executive Assistant Resume Summary Samples With 1-4 Year’s Experience

11. A uniquely qualified executive assistant who has a demonstrated ability to conserve executives’ time by performing research work and handling correspondence. Highly skilled in tracking details, maintaining appointment schedules, and ensuring smooth operations of the office.

12. An accomplished executive assistant with deep insight into providing logistical support to executives regarding internal communications, process improvements, and special projects. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

13. Uniquely qualified office support professional with 2+ years’ progressive experience in the secretarial and administrative arena. Adept at making and delivering effective presentations on various topics. Proficient in MS office suite, executive calendar keeping, and public relations protocols. Known for providing confidential administrative support to executives while interacting with all levels of administrators, clients, and stakeholders.

14. Multifaceted Executive Assistant, with an extensive background in a wide array of executive support tasks. Unmatched ability to work in high-pressure settings, with minimal supervision. Thorough working knowledge of managing information flow in a timely and accurate manner.

Entry Level Executive Assistant Summary No Experience

15. Proactive and high-energy Executive Assistant with in-depth knowledge of coordinating administrative work processes to ensure the smooth running of the office. Highly self-motivated with solid work ethics, and a strong ability to enforce rules and regulations for administrative staff members. Able to employ professionalism, and superior communication skills in order to meet executives’ and company’s needs.

16. Self-motivated executive assistant who has an extraordinary passion for attaining excellence in all kinds of administrative and secretarial work. Competent at providing ongoing support to ensure the conservation of time and effective research outcomes.

Additional Guidelines

An executive assistant resume summary should effectively focus on the individual’s knowledge of ensuring the smooth running of an office, working on both one on one basis with executives, and on a broader basis with internal and external clients.

The resume summary should tell the hiring manager that you can effectively act as the first point of contact between executives and clients, and can handle a wide array of administrative work.

To ensure that your summary for an executive assistant is properly written, you will need to have kept track of your skills and accomplishments in the past. Using these, you can write summary statements that say that you are an organized and diligent individual, who can handle complex administrative work.

The summary should suggest that you are the best executive assistant that the hiring manager can opt for because you are skilled in all the areas that are outlined in the job ad.

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