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Executive Assistant Resume Sample

A good Executive Assistant resume can help you stand out from others and get you the job consequently. Your resume should highlight your ability to take and follow directions. Similarly, it must focus on your skills in handling office work, such as correspondence and mail. As far as the format of the resume is concerned,… Read More »

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample

If you are in the process of writing a cover letter for an executive assistant position, you must ensure that the information that it holds is what the hiring manager wants to see. Concentrate on why you are such a good fit for an executive assistant position at the specific company. Technically, your cover letter… Read More »

Phone Screen Questions for Executive Assistant

Telephone interviews are usually the norm nowadays, especially in situations when hiring managers do not want to spend too much time or resources in conducting in-person ones. A phone interview is not much different from an in-person one, the only difference being the fact that the hiring manager cannot see you. This may work well… Read More »

EA (Executive Assistant) Thank You Letter after Interview

Overview Many executive assistants make one very obvious job hunting mistake, i.e., not sending a thank you letter after an interview has been conducted. Didn’t you know such a thing existed? Well, up until a decade ago, writing a thank you letter after an executive assistant interview may have sounded a bit over the top… Read More »

Executive Assistant Professional Summary Samples

You know you need more than just education and experience to make an executive assistant resume truly worth a read. But what is “more”? Professional summaries are the “more” part in a resume. When an employer goes through a resume, he needs to see what value the candidate will add to his company. And that… Read More »

Executive Assistant Resume No Experience

Your lack of experience should never be a deterrent to applying for an Executive Assistant job. Yes, people will say otherwise but sensible employers know that everyone has to start from somewhere and at times, inexperienced people are exactly what they are looking for. Why do employers look for employees who do not have experience? For… Read More »

Executive Secretary Reference Letter Sample

The first and foremost thing that you have to do before writing a reference letter is to ask yourself if you are indeed qualified to write one. Reference letters can be written for students, colleagues and subordinates. If you have been asked to write one by any of these, it is time to ponder on… Read More »

Entry Level Executive Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

A cover letter for an entry level executive assistant position provides the prospective employer with valuable information about the relevant skills and abilities of a candidate. It should be written to complement the attached resume. Tips ❖ Since you have no experience in hand, you should focus on your transferable skills. ❖ Create a strong relevance between… Read More »