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Executive Assistant Thank You Letter after Interview

Many executive assistants make one very obvious job hunting mistake, that is, not sending a thank you letter after an interview has been conducted. With growing competition and less time on employers’ hands, a thank you letter has become the thing to do. Why would you write a thank you letter after an executive assistant… Read More »

Entry Level Executive Assistant Resume No Experience

Your lack of experience should never be a deterrent to applying for an Executive Assistant job. Yes, people will say otherwise but sensible employers know that everyone has to start from somewhere, and at times, inexperienced people are exactly what they are looking for. Why do employers look for employees who do not have experience? For… Read More »

5 Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

In order to be considered for an Executive Administrative Assistant job, you should write a customized resume as per the needs of the specific employer.  Employers on average scan a resume in 10-20 seconds. This means the format, layout, and summary/objective must be really well chalked out and targeted in order to grab the reader’s… Read More »

3 Executive Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Samples

A cover letter for an executive administrative assistant position is a critical part of your job application set. If written with care, this document will maximize the chances of an interview. As a matter of fact, the Executive Administrative Assistant resumes that reach a hiring manager’s desk without a cover letter are seldom paid attention to.… Read More »

Entry Level Executive Assistant Cover Letter No Experience (5 Tips)

A cover letter for an entry-level executive assistant position provides the prospective employer with valuable information about the relevant skills and abilities of the applicant. It shows a job seeker’s passion and demonstrates why hiring them is a smart decision.  How to Write a Cover Letter for Entry-Level Executive Assistant With No Experience? Write 3-4… Read More »

Top 16 Executive Assistant Resume Summary Examples

An executive assistant is an office support professional. They are responsible for overall office management, calendar keeping, correspondence handling, liaison with vendors, inter-departmental coordination, and sometimes reception tasks. What is an Executive Assistant Resume Summary? A professional profile or summary for an Executive Assistant resume is a short paragraph that contains a glimpse of the… Read More »

Executive Assistant Skills Summary for Resume

Executive Assistants hold a very important role within an organization. These professionals usually support senior executives – usually the CEO or CFO of a company. Typical responsibilities involve calendar keeping, writing memos, issuing periodic reports, and general office support tasks. An executive assistant skill summary may serve many purposes. It may be used by employers… Read More »

Executive Assistant Job Description for Resume (40+ Duties)

Executive Assistant Job Description Executive assistants provide high-end support to business executives and are considered to be an essential part of an organization.  They prepare reports, perform research activities, and manage travel details so that managers and executives can concentrate on their work. Some parts of an executive assistant’s job may be secretarial, but generally,… Read More »