Executive Assistant Cover Letter for 2022 [Sample]

Updated on: January 23, 2022
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An executive assistant cover letter is a 1-page (250-400 words) document that you send alongside your CV or Resume as a part of your job application.

Its purpose is to introduce you and your passion to work for the employer while briefly summarizing your professional background.

A good cover letter can persuade the hiring manager to read your resume and invite you for an interview.

How to Write an Executive Assistant Cover Letter in 2022?
  1. Write 3-4 simple and clear paragraphs.
  2. Using simple language and easy-to-read words.
  3. Use a personalized yet professional tone that adds value to you.
  4. Mention how can you contribute to the success of the employer by using your expeiences and skills.

The following cover letter sample for the executive assistant resume will assist you in your job application process in the year 2022.

Sample Executive Assistant Cover Letter for 2022

Russell Paul
321 Barker Example Street
Bridgeton, MI 62214
(000) 333-9879
russel.paul @ email . com

January 23, 2022

Ms. Cassandra Peri
Hiring Manager
Taylor Global
3443 Merlin St.
Bridgeton, MI 63044

Dear Ms. Peri:

As a self-motivated and methodical professional, I am applying for the Executive Assistant position at Taylor Global. My administrative experiences and skills closely complement your job description. By using my proactive and resourceful approach and a high level of professionalism, I would be able to significantly contribute to your success.

My 8 years of hands-on experience in the secretarial arena, along with my extensive knowledge of current business trends, will help me outperform in this role. I am proficient in planning and executing a range of administrative services independently, such as calendar management,  meetings coordination, internal communication, filing work, event management, and travel arrangement.

Moreover, I am highly skilled in coordinating and managing different tasks simultaneously. My ability to maintain day-to-day accounting procedures and scrutinize them for any errors, prepare purchase orders, and provide secretarial services will be a real asset to your company.

Specifically, I have a demonstrated ability to proofread and edit documents to maintain quality control where official correspondence is concerned. My proficiency in MS Office applications and related software will allow me to perform daily work efficiently.

I look forward to meeting with you in a formal interview. To set up a possible meeting date and time, I will call your office next week. 

Thank you for considering my qualifications for the executive assistant position at Taylor Global.


Russell Paul

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