EA (Executive Assistant) Thank You Letter after Interview

Updated on March 16, 2018


Many executive assistants make one very obvious job hunting mistake, i.e., not sending a thank you letter after an interview has been conducted. Didn’t you know such a thing existed?

Well, up until a decade ago, writing a thank you letter after an executive assistant interview may have sounded a bit over the top and unnecessary. With growing competition and less time on employers’ hands, this has become the thing to do.

Why would you write a thank you letter after you have been interviewed? A thank you letter serves two purposes:

• Showing the interviewer that you are a friendly individual
• Presenting yourself as a well-qualified person once again

Just saying thank you does not cover the length of a cover letter. If that is all that you want to say, you might just write a text! Of course, that would not be very professional. Stick to writing a thank you letter.

Where a cover letter is written to a hiring manager directly, a thank you letter has to be addressed to the person who conducted your interview – he or she may or may not be the same person as the hiring manager.

You need to talk about what you learned from the interview and how you feel that you fit into the role that the interviewer explained during the interview process.

Here is a sample letter from an executive assistant, thanking the interviewer for interviewing him:


Executive Assistant Thank You Letter after Interview


Joann Fields
54 North 10th Street
Oxon Hill, MD 52563
(000) 999-0987
Joann @ email .com

March 16, 2018

Mr. Herbert Muniz
Human Resource Manager
Telsa Motors
6 Sentry Road
Oxon Hill, MD 59870


Dear Mr. Munaz:

Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to interview me yesterday. I genuinely enjoyed this informative meeting.

As you mentioned during the interview, Telsa Motors is looking for an individual who does not only handle an executive unit’s day to day operations but also provides input into projects. I mentioned that my research skills are exceptionally well-honed which is evident from the information booklet that I created for General Dynamics – a copy was handed to you during the interview. Additionally, you will discover that I am considerably adept at conserving executives’ time by handling correspondence, routing information and collecting and analyzing essential data.

I am hopeful of a second interview with you and to eventually become part of Telsa Motors’ administrative team. Thank you once again for your time and effort in interviewing me. I anticipate another meeting soon.



Joann Fields