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Meeting Coordinator Resume Sample

Meeting Coordinator Resume writing is an effort like no other – the amount of energy and thought that you need to put into writing a resume is colossal. There are more than 5 different sections that need your undivided attention and mistakes are not forgiven. Yes, the process can make the best of us jittery… Read More »

Event Organizer Skills for Resume

Leaving the skills section out of your resume is giving off the impression that you are not skilled! And unskilled people are not what employers look for. Wait, you are skilled?   Well, then make sure that the skills section on your resume is not only there but is a strong one. Why so much… Read More »

Event Specialist Resume Example

Dorothy Franks 44 Chase Street SE, Atlanta , GA 09712 (000) 999-1452 dorfra @ email . com EVENT SPECIALIST Exceptional attention to detail and drive for excellence. SUMMARY Goal-oriented and artistic Event Specialist with a 13-plus-year verifiable track record of planning, organizing, and managing highly-praised events. Skilled communicator, adept in determining clients’ goals and objectives… Read More »

Event Planner Resume Sample

Overview Writing a professional resume for event planner position is essential to get an interview. Your resume should be a one of its kind marketing document that fits perfectly to your circumstances. So if you are applying for ten event planning jobs, you need to create ten different resumes as per needs of employers. See… Read More »

Conference Planner Cover Letter Sample

Guidelines Great cover letters can get the attention of even the most reluctant of readers. Introductions should be designed in a way that they grab the reader’s attention immediately and keep it there. As the “head” of your letter, the introduction has the capacity to compel a hiring authority to keep reading the letter. This… Read More »

Conference Planner Resume Sample

Even a hoard of resume writing advice cannot make you write a conference planner resume that is flawless. Do not aim to write a flawless resume because you will fail miserably. But do aim to write one that has as few of them as possible. What is considered a resume flaw? There are so many.… Read More »

Event Planner Summary / Profiles for Resume

Overview Summing up all that you have written in a resume is imperative and it can only be done through a resume profile or summary. Why is it important? Imagine yourself in a situation where you have to read dozens of resumes in a day. Wouldn’t you want to read one that boasts of a… Read More »

Event Planner Skills for Resume

Overview As a potential candidate for an event planner position, you might be having the required caliber and skills required for the job but if these are not amply reflected in your resume, your candidacy does not stand a chance in today’s aggressive job market. Here are some tips that can prove to be helpful… Read More »

Event Coordinator Skills for Resume

When you talk about event coordinator skills, the first thing that comes to mind is organizational and physical abilities. But that is not entirely true. While many skills are “physical” in nature, most are on the level of the “mind.” The dictionary definition of a skill is the ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice, and… Read More »

Event Coordinator Cover Letter Example

One problem that has plagued us for years is cover letter writing. And every time we have asked “experts” about the proper way of writing a cover letter, we have been given a different answer. The fault is not theirs.   Cover letters evolve at an astonishing speed – now and then, the rules change,… Read More »