School Lunch Monitor Resume Sample

Updated on: June 27, 2020

There are many factors that impact the quality of a School Lunch Monitor resume. That is to say, resume format, content, and words being top of the list.

Resumes are not only about highlighting your skills but also about downplaying your not-so-good points. All this needs to be done with grace and clarity and a style that is readable.


Entering into the job market is challenging these days because things are getting trickier and the competition is fierce. 

Targeted resumes for school lunch monitor jobs are now replacing the all-purpose resume. The resumes of “today” need to be tailor-made to suit specific employment goals.

To understand this in a more profound manner, let us have a look at this targeted resume sample for the position of a school lunch monitor.



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School Lunch Monitor Resume Sample


Chris Evans
782 Some Ave, Williston, ND 58802 
(000) 999-6523
chris @ email . com



Highly-organized, friendly individual with 6 years’ hands-on experience in lunchroom monitoring activities. Well versed in monitoring student behavior within a school lunch area. Known for managing behavioral issues and disputes among students. Great interpersonal skills with a solid ability to encourage good table manners.


• Functional knowledge of lunchroom/cafeteria procedures and protocols.
• Able to follow instructions and complete tasks in a proactive manner.
• Strong knowledge of meal pattern requirements.
• Complete understanding of proper food safety and sanitation procedures.


• Cafeteria cleanliness
• Meal service
• Student management
• Teacher coordination
• Communication
• Customer service


✔ Established a “No Talk” rule which brought down student altercations by 50%
✔ Introduced and led a free study and lunch program for the less privileged children
✔ Mediated three extremely serious behavioral disputes between students by employing exceptional arbitrating tactics
✔ Decreased food wastage costs by 35% by educating students to “take as much as they can eat”


School Lunch Monitor
ABC SCHOOL SYSTEM, Williston, ND | 2013 – Present

• Supervise students during lunch breaks
• Advise them to stand in queues for their turns
• Enforce orderly movement within the lunchroom
• Assist young students in carrying their trays to designated tables
• Observe students’ conduct and behavior during lunch
• Diffuse adverse situations and conflicts between students
• Guide students about lunchroom protocols that they need to follow
• Report miscreants to school management
• Maintain the cleanliness and safety of lunchrooms

Cafeteria Worker
CITY SCHOOL, Williston, ND | 2008 – 2013

• Handed out food items to students
• Maintained cleanliness and safety of the cafeteria
• Supervised students’ behavior and reported misdemeanor to school administration
• Assisted in clearing tables and trashing garbage
• Provided support in the preparation of food items


KENT PUBLIC SCHOOL, Williston, ND – 2008