School Bus Monitor Job Description

Updated on: August 13, 2016

Whether a school bus is state-run or owned by a school, the need for a school bus monitor is high. There is no way that a bus driver can drive a vehicle and handle students at the same time, which is why a school bus monitor is always hired to handle the back-end of the work.

Typically, a school bus monitor greets students as they arrive at designated bus stops or while picking them up from the school premises. He or she assists them in embarking and disembarking the bus safely and ensures that their belongings such as school bags and lunch boxes are properly secured. It is also the responsibility of a school bus monitor to make sure that students are properly buckled in so that they remain safe during the transition period.

If you want to work as a school bus monitor, you will need to possess a high school diploma or a GED. An inherent love for children and a responsible attitude are foremost requirements to work as a school bus monitor. Also, you will need to be friendly and patient but also be able to exude authority, so that you can manage onboard behavior according to the specified rules and regulations.

On any typical day as a school bus monitor, you will be performing some or all of the duties listed below:

School Bus Monitor Job Description

• Welcome students and assist them in embarking the school bus
• Ascertain that all students are seated in their assigned seats only and make sure that they are properly buckled in
• Assist students in placing their belongings such as school bags and lunch boxes in assigned storage areas within the bus
• Alert the bus driver when all students are settled within the bus so that the bus can be driven to its destination
• Oversee student behavior and ensure that any student who is misbehaving is reprimanded
• Monitor students for signs of distress or discomfort and address the issue immediately
• Engage students in light banter / conversation to make them feel comfortable and at ease while on their way to and from school
• Provide extra assistance to students with special needs to ensure that their physical or mental limitations do not hinder their movements
• Assist students in disembarking the bus and ensure that they are handed over to responsible adults
• Create and maintain records of students and ensure that they are saved in a confidential manner
• Perform pre and post-trip inspections to ensure that the bus is clean and safe