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Updated on: March 27, 2024
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Crafting a compelling resume is a crucial step for any job seeker, especially in the highly relational and operational role of a School Lunch Attendant.

Just like a meticulously planned school menu, a good resume must provide a balanced showcase of experience, skills, and educational background to stand out to hiring managers.

The following Lunch Attendant resume sample is designed to serve as an inspiration for professionals in the food service sector, particularly those looking to nourish the minds and bodies of students with quality meals.

Lunch Attendant Resume Sample

Jane Doe
Houston, TX
(000) 632-9565
[email protected]


A dedicated School Lunch Attendant with over 5 years of experience in providing nutritious meals to students. Specializes in crafting and managing efficient food service operations while promoting a clean and safe dining environment. Committed to enhancing student satisfaction through the delivery of quality food services.


School Lunch Attendant

ABC Elementary School, Houston, TX
May 2017 – Present

  • Efficiently managed the distribution of over 1,000 meals per week to ensure all 300 students received timely and nutritious lunches.
  • Played a key role in introducing a new menu that led to a 15% increase in student meal participation.
  • Successfully adhered to strict food safety guidelines, contributing to the school achieving a 100% pass rate in health inspections.
  • Proactively modified and managed special dietary menus for an average of 50 students with allergies each semester.
  • Implemented a streamlined inventory system that reduced food waste by 25% and cut down on over-ordering.
  • Oversaw the training of 10 new staff members, ensuring full compliance with district food service protocols.

Cafeteria Helper

XYZ Middle School, Houston, TX
September 2015 – April 2017

  • Supported the service of approximately 200 students daily through pre-meal setup, meal service, and post-meal cleanup.
  • Contributed to the maintenance of food quality by monitoring and adjusting storage conditions, which decreased spoilage rates by over 10%.
  • Fostered a positive dining experience, receiving commendation for excellent service from school administration.
  • Managed financial transactions efficiently, handling an average of $500 in meal payments per day.
  • Initiated a recycling program that engaged students and staff, resulting in a reduction of cafeteria waste by over 30%.


High School Diploma
Anytown High School, Houston, TX
Graduated: June 2015


  • Quantitative Meal Planning
  • Proven Inventory Reduction
  • Health & Safety Enforcement
  • Nutritional Guidelines Application
  • Effective Communicator
  • Strong Team Leadership
  • Consistent Quality Assurance
  • Implementation of Waste Reduction Practices
  • First Aid & CPR Proficiency


  • ServSafe Food Handler Certification, May 2017 – Present
  • Certified in School Nutrition (CSN), July 2019


Available upon request.

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