Lunch Attendant Resume Sample

Updated: November 15, 2017

There are different formats on which you can base a Lunch Attendant resume.

Unfortunately, not all of them work for everyone.

The following is a combination resume sample for lunch attendant position. It will help you build or update your resume. Feel free to customize it as per your circumstances.





Lunch Attendant Resume Example



Peter O’ Brian

622 Graybrook Drive, Export, PA 56553
(000) 325-5214
peteobrian @ email . com


Accomplished Lunch Attendant with extensive experience in supervising students during lunch time, to ensure a disciplined environment. Highly skilled in organizing lunchroom environment to ensure optimum efficiency during rush hours. Maintains a harmonious atmosphere by encouraging peaceful resolution of conflicts. Known for interacting with students in a positive manner.


✓ Supervision ✓ Discipline Maintenance ✓ Student Interaction
✓ Cleanliness ✓ Security Assessment ✓ Movement Direction
✓ Emergency Response ✓ Hazards Reporting ✓ Behavior Management
✓ Trash Disposal ✓ Serving Areas Stocking ✓ Inventory Management


✓ Saved a student from choking by providing immediate first aid during the time a piece of nugget was lodged in his throat.
✓ Implemented a core behavioral program, which proved to be 75% more workable than the one already in place.
✓ Introduced a student movement plan, resulting in increased efficiency in creating queues, and maintaining them.
✓ Suggested a novel trash disposal system, which resulted in increased safety of students and staff members, from contamination.


Lunch Attendant
Crystal Mountain School, Export, PA | 6/2010 – Present
• Lead assigned classes to the lunchroom, ensuring that all of them commute in a proper manner.
• Ascertain that all students make a queue when approaching the lunchroom counter.
• Provide students with plates and platters, and ensure that they take the right amount of food.
• Assist students in finding sitting places, or assist them by seating them on assigned tables.
• Oversee students’ behavior throughout the lunch time, ensuring no fight or disagreements ensue.
• Assist students by opening their food packages and milk cartons, offering additional help to students with disabilities.
• Ascertain that all assigned students egress the lunchroom in an orderly fashion.
• Oversee the cleanliness and sanitation of the lunchroom at the end of the day.

Lunch Attendant
Belfast High School, Export, PA| 2/2009 – 5/2010
• Assisted cafeteria attendants in taking orders from students and teachers.
• Relayed orders to the kitchen area, and assisted food preparers in preparing them.
• Took prepared ordered to tables, and ensured that any additional orders were timely placed and delivered.
• Cleaned and maintained cafeteria areas, ensuring that sanitation processes were properly carried out.
• Maintained stock levels and communicated low stock situations to the cafeteria supervisor.

Export High School, Export, PA – 2009
High School Diploma