School Lunch Monitor Job Description and Duties

Updated on: June 27, 2020

Position Overview

School lunch monitors, often referred to as cafeteria monitors are responsible for many things, student behavior during lunchtime being foremost.

Many schools hire their services to make sure that students are appropriately supervised during lunch hours and to ensure the general cleanliness of the cafeteria or lunchroom once students have left.

To work as a school lunchroom monitor, you have to be extremely responsible and possess an authoritative nature. School lunchroom monitors need to handle unruly students in queues and during eating times and make sure that proper order is maintained throughout the lunch period.

It is crucial for school lunch monitors to make sure that the lunchroom is safe for students for which they need to ensure that any equipment or furniture that they use is properly maintained.

Educational Requirements

It is not essential for school lunch monitors to possess formal education – a high school diploma or a GED suffices when applying for this position.

Skills and Abilities

They need to possess exceptional interpersonal skills as they need to ensure positive interaction with students at all times.

One of the primary skills that an employer looks for when hiring a school lunch monitor is reasoning ability as they often have to indulge in dialogue to resolve behavioral issues.

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School Lunch Monitor Duties & Responsibilities

• Supervise students during meal service including when they are in queues.

• Ensure that students behave correctly when partaking meals.

• Maintain general discipline in the cafeteria by ensuring that every student is seated properly at his or her designated place.

• Assist students in securing trays and handling seating arrangements.

• Make sure that all equipment such as the water dispensing machine is maintained properly in order to avoid injuries.

• Ensure that cafeteria furniture is in good repair and is safe to use.

• Assist cafeteria staff in cleaning spills.

• Make sure that the cafeteria is a safe environment for students by handling maintenance and cleanliness needs appropriately.

• Intervene in fights or arguments between students and make sure that no one is physically hurt.

• Report any unruly behavior to school management or class teacher.

• Assist students in warming up their meals and making sure that they operate microwaves and other equipment safely.

• Inform supervisor of any damages to school property.

• Circulate through the cafeteria to ensure the supervision of all students within the area.

• Dismiss students from the lunchroom in an orderly fashion when lunchtime ends.

• Respond to emergency situations such as injuries or food allergies in a proactive manner.