Campus Monitor Resume Sample

Updated on: October 21, 2018

Campus Monitor Resume SampleA campus monitor is hired specifically to provide school management with assistance in handling the various areas of the campus in terms of safety of students.

The work requires one to show a lot of responsibility. And it cannot be performed by just anyone. However, if you have prior experience in this regard, you can do justice to it.

Campus Monitor Resume

Contrary to the belief that hiring managers just skim through resumes, many of them actually read them thoroughly.

In this case, you have to be prepared.

Use the following campus monitor resume sample to help you along:

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Campus Monitor Resume Example


Haley Fox
834 Yarn Road, Columbus, OH37694
(000) 999-9999


Exceptionally talented campus monitor with over 8 years of experience in providing leadership and oversight in lunchrooms and grounds. Able to monitor a huge volume of students, ensuring their wellbeing and safety at all times. Adept at resolving conflicts between students, aimed at keeping them safe from harm.

Student Oversight Security Monitoring Concerns Reporting
Conflict Handling Parking Oversight Safety Protocols
Student Encouragement Grounds Inspection Corrective Actions
Extracurricular Activities Oversight Detention Running Reporting

• Prevented an altercation from becoming a mob fight by intervening just in time, and diffusing the situation.
• Implemented a grounds inspection system, which proved to be 50% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Introduced a novel building inspection system, resulting in increased premises security.
• Devised a foolproof queue management system within the cafeteria, making it possible for all students to acquire lunch in a timely manner.


Campus Monitor
Bryant School District, Columbus, OH        2013-present
• Oversee the cafeteria or lunchroom to ensure that it is safe and secure for students at all times.
• Monitor student activity within the lunchroom, and ensure a smooth transition at each checkpoint.
• Observe students’ behavior during campus hours, and provide intervention when required.
• Intervene in situations requiring adult intervention such as brawls and fights.
• Inquire into students who may loiter in grounds or hallways during class time.
• Patrol and monitor campus buildings and grounds to ensure that everything is safe.
• Monitor parking lot activities, and inspect any nefarious goings-on.
• Report issues such as bad behavior, vandalism, or purposeful breakage to the school office.

Campus Monitor Assistant
St. James Academy, Columbus, OH      2011-2013
• Assisted campus monitors by inspecting premises to ensure that all is in order.
• Provided support in setting rules and regulations in lunchrooms, as well as around other campus areas.
• Ensured that students perform proper queues for lunch, and monitored their behavior.
• Provided interventions in adverse situations such as bad behavior and altercations.
• Created and submitted reports on on-campus incidents to the school management.

High School Diploma
Columbus High School, Columbus, OH – 2009

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