Elementary Education Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: September 26, 2021

By now, you may have come across many resume samples that the writers claim are “the right format”.

How do you know for sure though?

To be perfectly honest, there is no such thing as the right format. Everyone writes their resume in a format that they feel suits their profile best. 

However, there are some things that one has to keep in mind when choosing a format:

1. Ask yourself if your experience allows you to write a detailed professional summary or a simple resume objective.
2. Do you have a list of competencies that you want to tell the employer about?
3. Are you an accomplished individual who has several achievements to your name?

The following format for an elementary education teacher is a standard one that you can use to highlight all these – and more.

Elementary Education Teacher Resume Sample

Dalia Manning
102 Tampa Road, Tallahassee, FL 27846 
(000) 999-9999
dalia.manning @ email . com


Highly effective teaching professional with 10+ years of extensive experience in creating and implementing elementary education curriculum for a diverse set of students. Combined strong passion for elementary literacy, motivation, and inspiration to create a challenging, yet fun environment for students.

• Designing and implementing innovative and hands-on activities to meet students’ social, educational, and emotional needs.
• Motivating students to develop skills, attitudes, and knowledge with a view to providing a good foundation for elementary grade education.
• Teaching reading, language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science by utilizing a course of study adopted by the state’s Board of Education.
• Using a variety of instruction strategies, including inquiry, groups discussion, and discovery.

Strategic teaching | Lesson planning
Activities-based teaching | Student assessment
Technology savvy | Counseling
Conflict resolution | Resource development 

• Successfully implemented a new curriculum to adapt to the individual needs of students.
• Conducted rigorous training sessions to help other teachers translate lesson plans into actual learning experiences for students.
• Established standards of behavior for students which helped achieve a functional learning atmosphere in class.


Elementary Education Teacher
ST. LOUIS SCHOOL, Tallahassee, FL
• Work with school management to understand and develop elementary education curriculums.
• Create and implement lesson plans according to each student’s individual needs.
• Design classroom activities in sync with lesson plans to provide students with additional reinforcement.
• Use instruction strategies such as discovery, circle time, inquiry, and group discussion to assist students in reaching their learning objectives.
• Ensure that an effective learning environment is maintained through functional and attractive displays and interest centers.
• Create and administer standardized tests to evaluate students’ learning progress and mark assignments and exam papers.
• Observe students to ensure that they are learning introduced concepts properly and to assist them when they struggle.
• Assess students based on personal interaction with them and through designated standards.
• Liaise with parents to provide them with information regarding their children’s progress and provide them with suggestions for improvements.

Teacher Assistant
• Provided support in administering/implementing lesson plans according to set curriculums.
• Assisted students in understanding class assignments and concepts and provided them with support in managing them.
• Established and maintained standards of behavior for students and ensure that all students follow them.
• Observed students for signs of distress and educational or emotional distress and assist them in dealing with them.
• Performed research work and develop instructional materials to help lead teachers to impart lessons.
• Ascertained that the classroom is kept clean and safe for students.
• Assisted in administering tests, marking papers, and handling students evaluations.

Master’s Degree in Education