Truck Driver Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on May 19, 2019

When hiring truck drivers, employers seek candidates who will fit well into their work environment.

To get success in an interview, one needs to have a good knowledge regarding the prospective company’s norms.


We do not suggest fabricating your answers as per what you think are the company’s preferences, but knowing a bit about their expectations and giving right responses in light of same is what wins you an interview.

A truck driver might be asked a variety of questions during the interview. These might relate to truck driving skills, knowledge of traffic rules, and know-how of loading and unloading procedures.

Mostly every interview has at least one situational question, aimed at gauging the candidates analytical and decision-making skills.

When faced with a situational question, whatever you answer, make sure you don’t take too much time in responding since that would reflect poor decision-making skills.


On the other hand, an impulsive reply might also damage your candidacy.

It is good to go through some situational truck driving questions and reflect on answers beforehand.

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Truck Driver Interview Questions and Answers

Out of hundreds of choices, why did you opt to work as a truck driver?

I love working on the road, and trucks have always been a passion for me. Owing to my interest and expertise in driving and maintaining vehicles of different types, this was the only rational choice.

Tell us a little about your experience in a truck driver role?

I have worked as a truck driver for five years. During this time, I have been actively taking orders for deliveries, helping load and unload materials, and navigating ways to destinations. Besides, my work involved mapping routes, and handling paperwork such as receipts and delivery documents.

What are some of the skills that make you an excellent candidate for the role of a truck driver?

For starters, I can drive many different types and sizes of the truck. I am well-versed in performing general as well as preventative maintenance on assigned vehicles. Also, my expertise includes using both standard maps and GPS to navigate short and safe ways to destinations.

Do you think communication skills are essential in the role of a truck driver? Why or why not?

Communication skills are critical to the role of a truck driver. This is because he or she has to understand where to deliver goods, and communicate with dispatchers and customers about deliveries.

How important do you think the navigation is in your work?

Navigation is extremely important. Proper use of maps and the GPS allows truck drivers to meet their deadlines by making deliveries in a timely and safe fashion.

Tell us of a time when you came out shining at your workplace.

Due to a union strike, many truck drivers refused to make deliveries. There were just 3 of us who had to make deliveries for 17 truck drivers. And I was the only one who managed to deliver 20 items as opposed to the usual 3 a day.

What do you think are the primary duties of a truck driver?

The primary duties of a truck driver include; drive different kinds of trucks on various routes, perform pickup and delivery assignments, assist in loading and unloading, obtain route clearance, maintain delivery inventories, coordinate with management regarding route clearance, and vehicle safety and maintenance.

What is your objective as a truck driver?

To deliver goods timely, safely, efficiently, and free from damage and help to achieve the employer’s mission by providing outstanding customer service.

Did any customer ever file a complaint against you?

Being a people’s person and a careful driver, I have had no complaints filed against me till date.

What is the most prolonged haul you have managed in your career?

The longest I have been on the road is 15,000 miles over three weeks.

The trucking business is all about meeting deadlines, especially where deliveries are concerned. How do you make sure that you meet deadlines?

I am very particular about deadlines. I start earlier than my schedule dictates so that any delays brought about by any unforeseen circumstances are covered. I also make sure that the time-out which I take is a reasonable amount.

What are your views on driving safety?

Safety is the most critical aspect of truck driving. One must make sure that seat belts are secured, and the speed limit is adhered to. One also needs to drive very slowly in inclement weather like rain and snow.

What do you know about the paperwork involved in the trucking business?

I am familiar with invoices that are the responsibility of a truck driver when delivering goods. I always make sure that loaded products conform to the inventory document provided to me and that receipts are signed at the delivery point.

How would you describe your driving record?

Clean. I have not violated the law even once in the past ten years.

Do you think there is any importance of teamwork in this profession?

I believe the profession calls for teamwork even more so because the drivers usually accompanied by helpers on long routes. Moreover, if a colleague driver faces some mechanical problems, I would always offer help if my schedule allows.

What would you do if one of your co-workers is misusing the company’s truck?

Without involving myself in any personal discussion regarding the matter with the colleague, I will confidentially inform the company manager of the unauthorized/unusual activity.

What would you do if a customer asks you a delivery favor? Suppose they ask you to deliver a package somewhere on your way, what would you do?

I’d excuse from the task and would politely inform them that it is not the company’s policy to deliver packages. Therefore, I am not at liberty to do so. I will also notify the manager regarding the situation.

Can you perform manual labor tasks?

Yes, I can perform all kinds of manual tasks such as heavy weight lifting, loading and unloading freight

What is your availability for this position?

I am willing to start right away.


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