UPS Driver Helper Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 14, 2017

An interview is not just a series of questions thrown at a candidate. It is much more than that. While the modus operandi of an interview is through asking questions, one must concentrate on why the questions are being asked.

Once you know that a questioning session is aimed at not only determining what you know about the job, but also how well you’ll fit in, you will be able to provide the right type of answers.

To see what type of questions you will be asked when appearing for an interview for the position of a UPS driver helper, have a look at the following set:



UPS Driver Helper Interview Questions and Answers


How long have you been working as a driver helper?
I have been working in this capacity for over 2 years now.

Why do you want to jump from one UPS office to another, within the same capacity?
The two years that I have worked as a driver helper were at the UPS office back in Cleveland. I have recently moved to Atco, and would like to work in the same capacity because this is where my training is based.

As a UPS driver helper, what were your main duties?
While working as a driver helper at UPS, I was responsible for helping load and unload packages onto and from delivery trucks, ensuring that all paperwork was in order, contacting clients in cases where special deliveries were to be made, assisting drivers with navigation, and ensuring
that payments were collected and recorded into the system.

What skills do you possess which make you a great person to hire as a UPS driver helper?
I am physically quite strong and dexterous, with a great ability to lift and carry heavy packages from one place to another. Additionally, I am well-versed in handling the paperwork associated with parcel deliveries, can easily map routes on GPS systems, and possess exceptional communication skills which make it easy for me to converse and stay in touch with clients and dispatchers.

Has any untoward incident ever transpired while you were on duty?
Unfortunately, the truck that I was assigned to ran into an accident while on route to delivering a special package. The truck got busted but both I and the driver escaped unscathed. We had to remove each package one by one before the truck was removed, and deliver it the same day!

What are your career aspirations?
I am taking driving lessons, and hope to acquire my driver’s license soon, so that I can work as a delivery truck driver.