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Updated on: March 16, 2021

Cover letters are designed to capture the attention of a prospective employer who goes through a large number of job applications every day.

In order to catch the deserved attention, your cover letter for the jeweler position must be supplemented with bullet points, tables, or even headings for that matter.

Remember your goal while writing the cover letter – to make it unique enough that the employer is convinced to read all of it as well as the attached resume.

View the example below to get ideas

Sample Cover Letter for Bench Jeweler Position

Fiona Barber
76 Sandy Lane, Cypress, TX 89777
(003) 666-2222
fiona . barber @ email . com

March 16, 2021

Ms. Gina Henry
Chief Recruiter
Sterling Jewelers
897 Picasso Square
Cypress, TX 65214

Dear Ms. Henry:

While going through your job listings at, I came across your vacancy for a bench jeweler position. I immediately set myself to the task of writing this application since I offer 7+ years of diverse experience in jewelry handling.

Some brief particulars of my qualifications are highlighted below:

Repair/ Service Skills
Precious metal asset return maximization, inventory maintenance, customer communication, stone replacement, polishing, waxing, and ring rolling.

Production Expertise
Stone quality evaluation, weight and price estimation, metal testing, production quality verification, supportive work environment creation through productive partnerships with other departments.

Designing Competencies
Stone designing, alloy metal designing, combination product designing, and gold/silver hybrid jewelry designing.

Considering my extensive experience and training in the field, I believe myself to be a front runner for the said position. My enclosed resume and designing portfolio contain detailed information regarding my relevant skills and capabilities.

May I suggest an interview meeting to allow me a chance to further elaborating on how my skills can benefit Sterling Jewelers beyond expectations? If you are seeking a professional to re-ignite the fame spark sterling jewelers enjoyed during its peak years, call me now at (006) 333-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Fiona Barber

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