Bus Driver Resume Profile/Summary Examples

Updated on: July 19, 2019

When building a resume for Bus Driver position, you need to write a resume profile that stands out and attracts a potential employer.

Your resume profile or professional summary needs to be articulate, to the point and informative about your work style and skills.


Many people argue that writing a resume objective as opposed to a resume profile is more effective.

However, a resume profile gives one the leeway of writing more information than an objective.

An objective can at times feel forced and aimless, especially if you have a sizeable experience to write about.

When you begin writing your resume, your resume profile will come on top which means it will get read first.


Think of it this way – your resume profile is a condensed version of your cover letter and helps a potential employer recall why he picked up your resume in the first place.

Use of keywords in your resume for the position of a bus driver, such as “navigation abilities”, “specified destinations” and “time management” will urge an employer to read the rest of the resume.

Here are some sample resume profiles for a bus driver position that you can take help from when writing your own:

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Sample Summaries/Profiles for Bus Driver Resume

• A reliable bus driver with 7+ years’ successful track record of driving commercial buses within the city and interstates. Proven ability to drive a variety of heavy vehicles responsibly and safely by conforming to traffic rules and regulations. Comprehensive knowledge of interpreting maps and using the GPS for navigation purposes.

• Passenger-focused bus driver boasting of eleven years of driving experience on interstates and within Delaware. Excellent communication skills aimed at ensuring positive traveling experiences for passengers along with great knowledge of handling emergency situations such as accidents and breakdowns.

• An energetic and highly motivated bus driver with 11+ years’ extensive experience in driving different types of buses. Deep knowledge of city routes and charting out “best possible” routes with the aim of saving time. Great passenger service acumen. Skilled at performing preventative and general maintenance tasks on large buses and transit vehicles. Known for following safety guidelines and procedures.

• A uniquely qualified school bus driver with thirteen years of first-hand experience in driving school routes within Cleveland. Highly knowledgeable in handling student behavior and ensuring safe transit for them. Complete knowledge of performing maintenance and repair work on standard buses along with a great ability to stay calm and focused during distressing situations.

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