Top 13 Delivery Driver Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: April 29, 2023

A delivery driver objective is a short statement that communicates your key skills and qualifications and how your skills can help the prospective employer in achieving their goals.

A professional career objective essentially mentions the position title and the prospective company’s name.

Besides that, it also contains information about your experience, skills, and enthusiasm to work for the employer.

The purpose of an objective statement is to convince the reader that you are a reliable candidate and your resume is worthy to take a detailed look at.

A delivery driver’s objective statement should not include what you expect from the employer. Rather, it has to be employer-focused by stating how can you contribute.

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Below are some examples of career objectives for a delivery driver resume.

13 Sample Objectives for a Delivery Driver Resume

1. Seeking a delivery driver position with KR Logistics. Bringing 11+ years of successful experience in safe driving, route setting, and loading/unloading to make safe and timely deliveries.

2. Hardworking delivery driver looking for a challenging role with ABC Logistics, where a positive attitude and competence in safely loading, unloading, and delivering fragile and hazardous material will be fully utilized to ensure successful and on-time deliveries.

3. Poised to work for ABC Company in the capacity of a delivery driver. Leveraging skills in GPS navigation, extensive knowledge of commercial driving laws, and customer service orientation to increase the efficiency of the overall delivery system.

4. Dependable CDL driver with 6+ years of experience in map reading, GPS-based route tracking, safe loading/unloading of merchandise, and accurate log-keeping. Eager to fulfill delivery orders in a time-efficient and safe way at ABC Logistics.

5. Diligent delivery driver with a Class C driver’s license, a great sense of urgency, and attention to detail, seeking employment at We Deliver. Familiar with DOT requirements applicable to commercial driving.

6. Top-performing delivery driver with experience in merchandise, food, and auto parts deliveries seeking employment at ABC Company. Passionate about delivering merchandise in a safe and timely manner. Ability to clean and maintain the vehicle.

7. Exceptionally dexterous delivery driver with exceptional talents in customer service, record-keeping, loading/unloading, and vehicle maintenance. Seeking to join the team of ABC Logistics to contribute to the success of the company.

8. Safety-conscious, professional driver seeking a position as a Delivery Driver with Interline Brands. Offering an exceptional ability to drive different types of trucks to deliver merchandise in a safe and timely manner.

9. Results-driven, energetic professional looking for a Delivery Driver position at Graybar. Energetic to utilize my skills in transporting materials on designated routes by determining the best routes for effective delivery operations.

10. Strong desire to obtain a position as a Delivery Driver with Elliot Electric Company. Bringing proficiencies in using conventional maps and GPS to chart out short and safe delivery routes to minimize delivery time and maximize safety.

11. To contribute to the success of Panera Bread as a delivery driver by employing my expertise in driving delivery vans and trucks, verifying loads, obtaining receipts, and maintaining truck logs following regulations.

12. To work as a Delivery Driver for Panama Asia, using the exceptional ability to drive delivery trucks, vans, and bikes to ensure timely deliveries.

Food Delivery Driver Objective Example

13. Seeking a Delivery Driver position with Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches. Excited to leverage a track record of delivering food to customers in a timely manner, maintaining the quality of food, and handling cash payments.

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