General information in a driver cover letter is usually not appreciated by prospective employers. After all, an employer can scan the internet for dozens of samples and can easily find duplication of cover letter content. When a company advertise a driver position, they seek a passionate person who is able to meet their demands efficiently.

Therefore, never copy and paste information from a sample. Employers look for people who can communicate their skills and accomplishments in a unique manner.

See the following samples to get help with building a great cover letter for driver resume.


Driver Cover Letter Sample 1


Ian Bard
25 New Maple Street
Rush City, MN 51242
(000) 141-0101
ian.bard @ myemail. com

July 4, 2017

Mr. Charles Penn
Human Resource Manager
8565 Crest Way
Rush City, MN 58995


Dear Mr. Penn:

As a passionate individual with a verifiable track record of putting maximum effort to get work done, I offer my services as a Driver at Greyhound. With an exceptional background in driving cars and cabs both for commercial and personal purposes, I deem myself a perfect contender.

Some highlights of my attributes include:

• Qualified to drive both manual and auto transmission cars with special focus on passenger and vehicle safety.

• Deep insight into charting out appropriate routes within the city and on intercity roads, by using GPS and conventional maps.

• Track record of cleaning and maintaining vehicles on a regular basis.

• Familiar with common causes of breakdown and able to perform minor repairs.

I am a mild-mannered driver with great patience that allows me to wait for long hours when required. My previous employers commended my integrity and hard work.

I would like to meet with you to discuss my driving talents further and will call you next week to arrange an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.




Ian Bard

(000) 141-0101.



Driver Cover Letter Sample 2



John Blake

5 North Street # 54, Clearfield, UT 66353
(888) 888-8888, john @ email . com

July 4, 2017

Ms. Donna Young
Hiring Manager
Acme Truckers
23 West Ave
Clearfield, UT 58021


Dear Ms. Young:

As an enthusiastic driver with a safe driving record spanned over a decade, I am eager to leverage my expertise to make a solid contribution to Acme Truckers in the role of a Driver.

I am familiar with all locations and addresses around Clearfield and possess the ability to read maps and use the GPS to navigate different routes. I understand that a driver’s work does end at just driving the vehicle but there are other tasks that he has to perform.

My experience in providing supportive services for unloading and loading merchandise helps me succeed. Moreover, my advanced knowledge of vehicles allows me to make minor repairs myself and ensure preventive maintenance. I am familiar with driving laws and rules and a record of to following them at all times.

I am convinced that I am the best candidate for this position as I posses all traits that you have demanded in the job description. I will call your office in the week of July 14 to see if an interview can be arranged. In the meantime, I will be available on my cell phone at (000) 253-9654.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Best regards,

John Blake

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