Cleaner Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated: January 20, 2023

Achievements on a cleaner resume are written to quantify your work for a prospective employer.

Writing cleaning achievements is an excellent way of building upon your skills. That is to say; an achievement will add credit to your skills by telling a prospective employer how you used an ability to achieve something.

It does not matter what position you are applying for or which one you have held in the past; if you have accomplished something in a job, by all means, mention it on your resume.

For instance, if your last job was that of a cleaner, you can write something akin to introducing a new cleaning method.

Anything that you have done or proposed that has had a significant impact on the company that you have worked for is considered an achievement.

When you begin listing achievements on your resume, make sure that you put figures or numbers in at least a couple of times.

By looking at figures, employers can gauge the effect your work has had on a company, and this can become the focal point for their interest in your resume.

Since we have taken a cleaner’s position as an example, let’s see what achievements can be written on a resume:

Sample Achievements for Cleaner Resume

• Reduced cleaning costs by $2000 per month by suggesting the use of locally produced cleaning chemicals.

• Identified a new external cleaning agency (for industrial cleaning purposes) and decreased yearly machinery cleaning costs by 35%.

• Suggested procurement of cleaning equipment and tools from a bulk bargain vendor and saved the company $20,000 on an annual basis.

• Introduced a garbage disposal system that brought down compacting time by 50%.

• Implemented 3 sewage pump procedures bringing chronic sewage problems to a halt.

• Led a team of 55 cleaning personnel on the Save My America conservation walk.

• Named ‘Employee of the Year 2020’ owing to the use of consistent cleaning methods throughout the year.

• Developed and implemented the “Cleaner Unseen” directive which was highly commended by the management.

• Utilized modern cleaning methods such as pumping and hosing to keep the premises debris-free and safe.

• Cut cleaning chemical waste cost by 60% by employing effective cleaning methods that worked along the lines of “waste not, want not.”

• Wrote the bible on safe cleaning practices and the use of hazardous materials.

• Introduced and implemented a logging system that traced the waste pickup times.

• Reduced chances of accident and injury by identifying three defective parts of mass cleaning equipment.

• Trained seventeen members of the cleaning staff within three weeks for a large-scale cleaning project of an old and debilitated mansion.

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