20 Cleaner Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: February 11, 2024

Working as a cleaner often goes beyond the usual dusting and mopping. It’s a role that calls for efficiency, attention to detail, and the capability to improve the workspace for others.

Below, we’ve outlined 20 notable achievements and accomplishments that cleaners can proudly include in their resumes. These points showcase how one’s diligence and innovative approaches in a cleaning role not only improve the immediate work environment but can also have a significant financial and ecological impact.

From cutting costs and saving resources to enhancing safety and creating a more conducive work environment, these achievements illustrate the valuable contributions of cleaners to their employers and communities. Whether you’ve streamlined processes, introduced new cleaning techniques, or led a team to new heights of cleanliness, these accomplishments are worth highlighting on your resume.

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Sample Achievements for Cleaner Resume

  1. Streamlined cleaning supply usage, cutting costs by 10% without sacrificing quality.
  2. Orchestrated a cleaning schedule overhaul reducing staff overtime by 15%, improving staff morale.
  3. Negotiated a 20% discount with a new cleaning supply vendor, saving $5,000 annually.
  4. Increased cleaning efficiency by 25% through the introduction of a team-based cleaning approach.
  5. Trained 30 new cleaners in the use of eco-friendly cleaning products and methods.
  6. Enhanced customer satisfaction scores by 40% due to improved cleanliness standards.
  7. Instituted a cross-training program, leading to a more versatile and efficient cleaning crew.
  8. Created an inventory management system that reduced supply waste by 30%.
  9. Received the “Clean Space Award” for exemplary maintenance of a 100,000 sq. ft. facility.
  10. Pioneered the use of a new biodegradable cleaning solution that reduced environmental impact by 50%.
  11. Implemented an energy-saving cleaning program that reduced electricity use for cleaning equipment by 20%.
  12. Decreased water usage by 1500 gallons monthly with a new power-washing technique.
  13. Sourced and transitioned to a less costly cleaning equipment provider reducing annual equipment expenses by $10,000.
  14. Played a key role in passing health and safety inspections with a record 98% score.
  15. Designed a method to clean high windows more safely and quickly, reducing the task time by 70%.
  16. Introduced a sanitation protocol for the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing to zero workplace transmission.
  17. Spearheaded the adoption of microfiber technology to increase dust and particle removal efficiency by 35%.
  18. Coordinated volunteer cleaning events at three local schools, fostering community engagement.
  19. Composed a thorough cleaning manual adopted by other regions in the company.
  20. Validated a new floor waxing technique that extended the life of the flooring by two years.

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