Janitor Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on July 12, 2017

A resume is never just about your qualifications and educational background. It is also about your achievements.

Letting a hiring manager know that you are capable of doing something great is very important.

An accomplishment that you have to your name means that you have been good enough in the past to achieve something great for the company where you have spent a certain amount of time.

What do accomplishments mean, specifically?

Typically, an accomplishment is anything that you have achieved or done which has had a great positive impact on your company, or the people working for it. Since accomplishments are difficult to gauge, especially if you have not been keeping track of them over the years, it is imperative that you look at your professional background before you pen them down.

What was it that you did in all your previous work places that you can proudly boast of to a new or prospective employer?

The answer to this question should make you come up with a great many answers, all of which you can use as accomplishment statements!

For an individual hoping to acquire a janitor position, the following accomplishment statements will come in handy when making a janitor resume:

Sample Accomplishments for Janitor Resume

• Successfully cleaned and sanitized an entire floor of 100 rooms in 5 days, well within the specified deadline.

• Reduced cleaning supplies cost $4000 per month by introducing the services of a much less expensive but quality conscious supplies and equipment vendor.

• Completely overhauled the cleaning supplies inventory system, bringing in 3 modules that contributed to its efficiency.

• Suggested core changes in outdoor cleaning practices, making the process exceptionally efficient.

• Singlehandedly cleaned and sanitized an entire building block within 3 hours, just in time of the arrival of expected residents.

• Trained 15 other janitors in handling safe cleaning, maintenance and disinfection work, as part of their induction program.

• Wrote a short booklet on the safe handling and use of cleaning and disinfection materials and agents, used as part of the new employee training program.

• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance on cleaning equipment, resulting in increased life of the said equipment.

• Successfully operated heavy duty buffing machines, typically designed to be operated by 3 people at a time.

• Devised a fool proof way of disposing of hazardous trash, helping the company be categorized as a green company.

• Suggested use of a special paint cover that was designed to be anti-stain, resulting in lowering maintenance costs by 35%.