7 Customer Service Representative Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: August 13, 2021
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Accomplishments are considered an important foundation for communicating what you have achieved in the past, how you fit into the new organization and what you have to offer.

Often, it is difficult to write statements that truly highlight your accomplishments as a viable worker.

Let us explain how they can be understood in a way that it becomes easy to write to them.

Accomplishments indicate specifically what you have achieved during the course of your career. It could be any of the following:

  1. A project that you managed.
  2. A team that you led or participated in, which went on to perform something great.
  3. A substantial sale that you were responsible for.
  4. A sizeable portfolio that you managed with precision, resulting in customer satisfaction.
  5. An award that you received for something significant that you did.

As you read these, many thoughts will run through your mind, jogging your memory into remembering that you have a lot that you have achieved in the past – things that you never paid attention to or those that didn’t really feel like accomplishments but were!

So if you have about 10 things that you have accomplished in your career lifetime, how would you decide which ones you will put in your resume?

Consider what you want to do in addition to what you did previously – problem solved!

Here are some accomplishment statements, the likes of which you can use on your own resume:

Sample Accomplishments for Customer Service Representative Resume

1. Increased sales by $50000 within a 1-year span through suggestive selling and providing support to the marketing team for visual merchandising projects.

2. Singlehandedly catered to over 100 customers within one day in the event of an increased rush due to the approaching Christmas holidays.

3. Promptly responded to a sticky situation between another customer service representative and a valued client, saving the company from losing its prized clientele.

4. Implemented new customer service policies and procedures which provided an umbrella for CSRs in the event of serious complaints.

5. Built sustainable relationships with 40 corporate account holders, resulting in increased trust and eventually increased business opportunities.

6. Introduced a novel order placing system, reducing the order-taking time by a staggering 56%.

7. Persuaded a customer to reconsider the cancellation of a large order worth $12,000 by providing him with deep insight into why letting the sale through will benefit him the most.