Food and Beverage Associate Job Description and Duties

Updated: January 7, 2023
Position Overview

Working as a food and beverage associate means that you have to be on your toes, both literally, and figuratively.

People working in this role often find themselves contributing to customer satisfaction efforts in restaurant settings.

The work involves providing support to the restaurant in terms of food and beverage assistance.

This may include food preparation activities, along with ensuring that tables are properly set.

Position Requirements

To work as a food and beverage associate, you do not need more than a high school diploma or a GED.

But some experience in a food service capacity can go a long way in making you a favorite candidate to be considered for this job.

In some places, you may be asked to work in a banquet capacity, where your mettle in this regard will be highly tested.

If this is the work that you want to do, you will need to possess great communication and presentation skills, along with a solid ability to handle food and beverage items and upselling activities.

Moreover, you will be expected to be able to get along with people from all walks of life, as you will be working with, and serving different types of peers/customers.

Have a look at the following list of job duties particular to the position of a food and beverage associate:

Food and Beverage Associate Duties & Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they arrive at the food service facility, and provide them with assistance in finding seats.

• Ensure that customers are provided with menus and assist them in choosing items according to their tastes.

• Oversee the ordering process, ensuring that the right order is delivered to the kitchen area.

• Prompt kitchen staff to expedite orders, ensuring that they are served in a timely fashion.

• Provide customers with suggestions on beverages that complement the food items that they have ordered.

• Monitor food and beverage items inventory to ensure optimum levels, and communicate low stock situations to the kitchen manager.

• Handle stocking activities, by following set instructions, and ensure that food rotation activities are properly carried out.

• Create and maintain effective relationships with kitchen staff, to ensure timely and accurate delivery of orders.

• Oversee the cleanliness and maintenance of kitchen and dining areas, ensuring that standards are lived up to.

• Respond appropriately to customers’ inquiries and attempt to assist them throughout their dining experience.

• Manage the telephone exchange to respond to queries regarding food and beverage services over the telephone.