10 Delivery Driver Achievements for Resume

Updated: June 24, 2023

When applying for a delivery driver position, job seekers often wonder how they can document their true potential on their resume.

Adding a professional achievements section to your resume is the answer!

Stating your job description or duties in the experience section makes your resume bland and standard. Employers are interested to know what you did beyond your role or how you yielded favorable results for your past employers.

If you are applying for a truck driver position, here is a guideline on how to write effective achievements in your resume.

How to Write Professional Achievements on Delivery Driver Resume?

  • Write what you accomplished in a way that highlights your relevant skill in a very concise manner.
  • The best way to catch the eye of employers is by adding numbers, figures, or percentages to showcase the impact or extent of your accomplishment.
  • If you are showcasing an award or appreciation you received, explain it a bit by adding what helped you earn it.
  • Make sure the accomplishment statements are packed with action verbs and relevant keywords.

Here are 10 Truck driver resume achievements to serve as a sample.

10 Sample Accomplishments for Delivery Driver Resume

  1. Saved the company a repair cost of approximately $10000 through vigilant and proactive preventive maintenance and ensuring timely service of the brakes.
  2. Demonstrated safe driving skills and maintained a clean and accident-free driving record throughout a driving career spanning over 5 years.
  3. Devised and implemented route plans that were cost-effective, reducing fuel costs by $2000 per month.
  4. Provided training to 5 new drivers in technical protocols related to GPS, CB, mobile fleet connectivity, and reroute updating.
  5. Identified and rectified an issue in the transition box of the assigned truck and saved the company from delays due to vehicle malfunctioning by timely replacing the gear system.
  6. Reduced overall commuting time by 1 hour per day by selecting optimum routes for daily deliveries.
  7. Maintained a record of 100% customer satisfaction based on punctuality, responsibility, gentle handling of packages, driving skills, and timeliness.
  8. Maintained 5-star customer rating by handling customer complaints in a timely manner.
  9. Earned “Employee of the Month Award” 8 times in two years owing to punctuality and safe driving.
  10. Liaised with the union members, drivers, and customers to ensure smooth coordination and distribution of delivery orders, reducing delivery time by 30%.

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