Doordash Delivery Driver Job Description and Duties

Updated on: July 14, 2020

Job Description

A Doordash deliver driver’s main responsibility is to pick up food from different restaurants and deliver them to customers. As a company that is famous for its excellent food delivery services, it hires the best delivery drivers to ensure that the work is done on time.

As a delivery driver working for Doordash or UberEats, your main work will be to take orders from a central dispatch system, and ensure that they are fulfilled in a timely and accurate manner. The main part of your work will be to check work orders, drive your vehicle to the restaurant, place the order, and then deliver it to the customer.

In order to work as a delivery driver at Doordash, you have to possess a string of skills such as the ability to safely but quickly drive to destinations, communicate orders properly, and ensure that food is delivered hot.

To see what specific duties you will be performing when working as a Doordash delivery driver, refer to the following list of responsibilities:

Doordash Delivery Driver Duties and Responsibilities

• Check work orders to determine details of pick-up and delivery.
• Drive vehicle to the restaurant, and order food items as listed in the work order.
• Call customers to clear a.ny confusions regarding quantities, or preferences
• Ensure that food orders are expedited by following up properly.
• Check packed orders to ensure completeness and accuracy.
• Pay for packed orders, and check change, and receipts.
• Inspect containers to ensure that they are presentable.
• Ensure that all safety procedures were adhered to during packing and delivery.
• Place food orders in proper bags or cabins to ensure their freshness.
• Drive vehicle to customers’ homes or offices, ensuring delivery within designated timelines.
• Deliver order to customers, and provide them with bills.
• Process cash payments, and tender change and receipts.
• Contact dispatch center to provide them with information on delivered food items.
• Ensure that all deliveries are properly logged into the Doordash online system.
• Provide customers with information on current deals that partner restaurants are offering.
• Ensure that customers check their food orders before leaving the premises.
• Handle complaints such as cold food, or late deliveries by following company policies.
• Ensure that assigned vehicles are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.
• Oversee multiple orders to ensure that they are delivered to the right addresses.
• Collect authorization for credit invoices and communicate with managers to have them charged timely.

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