Delivery Driver Qualifications for Resume

Updated on: April 29, 2023

Delivery drivers are responsible for driving vans and trucks to handle the many delivery tasks assigned to them. They work for delivery companies and warehouses that indulge in delivering goods between one place and another or to customers.

Essentially, delivery drivers chart out the best possible routes to their destinations and follow schedules to handle their deliveries.

They are also required to assist with loading and unloading items on and from delivery trucks and inspect goods to make sure that the right quantity is being loaded.

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The following are key skills and qualifications to include in a delivery driver resume.

Delivery Driver Qualifications and Skills

  • Thoroughly familiar with driving regulations, protocols, and procedures
  • Track record of driving delivery vans and trucks of different sizes and models
  • Great sense of responsibility aimed at the safety of vehicles and goods
  • Demonstrated ability to act logically and quickly in adverse situations
  • Outstanding communication skills targeted at handling correspondence with managers and customers
  • Proven ability to drive heavy vehicles for long hours
  • Well-versed in reading maps and handling GPS
  • Exceptional talent for charting out the best possible routes in order to save time and fuel
  • Physical dexterous to climb in and out of the truck while handling loading and unloading tasks
  • Exceptional skills in city, intercity, and interstate navigation
  • Proven ability to exhibit excellent attention to detail
  • Good mathematical insight to calculate bills at the time of delivery
  • Competent at making driving schedules and conforming to them
  • Keen understanding of handling essential vehicle maintenance and repair tasks
  • Capable of working well under pressure, especially in adverse situations such as accidents or traffic jams
  • Adept at driving delivery vehicles in extreme weather conditions
  • Thorough understanding of traffic laws and the ability to “think fast on my feet”
  • Demonstrated ability to multitask to make up for the lost time in the event of delays in delivery
  • Exceptional customer service skills aimed at communicating a positive image of the company to customers
  • Professional image and demeanor
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Good hand-eye coordination

Food Delivery Driver Skills and Qualifications
(DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub, SkipTheDishes)

  • Reliable vehicle with insurance and a good driving record
  • Able to use food delivery apps including UberEats and DoorDash using iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Knowledge of city routes and the ability to use a GPS
  • Willing to pass a background and vulnerability sector check
  • Punctual and have a flexible schedule
  • Passionate to providing exceptional customer service
  • Able to strictly adhere to best practices and procedures for food safety
  • Recognized for working quickly and accurately during busy periods
  • Well-versed with safety standards on and off the road

Auto Parts Delivery Driver Skills and Qualifications

  • Skilled in loading and unloading auto parts while accurately verifying parts orders
  • Able to collect payments from customers through cash, credit cards, and cheques as dictated on the sales orders
  • Ability to respond to customers’ complaints and process customer returns
  • Known to drive in a safe manner while following all company driving policies and state laws
  • Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure and follow procedures.
  • Able to work flexible schedules

Medical and Pharmacy Deliver Driver Skills and Qualifications

  • Skilled in preparing and making deliveries to customer accounts on the assigned route using GPS
  • Packaging pharmaceutical medication for shipment
  • Loading and unloading containers
  • Using a handheld device to scan customer orders for accuracy
  • Obtaining route stop information and navigation
  • Processing refunds and returns from customers
  • Maintaining delivery vehicles in proper working condition
  • Performing minor roadside repairs
  • Performs general facility cleaning and other duties as required
  • Lifting containers weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Driving in all weather conditions during day or night hours
  • Strong customer service and communication skills
  • Sound judgment and attention to detail

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